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Spawn of Symbiotes

Amazing Spider-Man 2
by yo go re

Okay everybody, let's get second-rate!

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The figure includes two pieces for this series' Ultimate Green Goblin Build-A-Figure: the head, which makes sense, and a giant piece of flame, which doesn't. The flames fit over the torso, but would have taken up too much room in the package, so we can accept that. No, the problem is more of a meta-textual one. Every symbiote has the same two weaknesses - sonics and fire - so including a representation of it here is like making Superman share blister space with Kryptonite, or Martian Manhunter share space with, well, fire.

Both the "Spawn of Symbiotes" figures have had toys before, but it's been a long time, and updates are not unwelcome. However, the reused bodies - rather than new, more intricate sculpts - keep them from being all they could be.

-- 02/10/14

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