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Fierce Fighters

Avengers: Age of Ultron
by yo go re

Looks like after a brief detour with Spider-Girl and Ultimate Spider-Woman, we're back to the kind of "swap figures" we know and... tolerate.

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Both "Fierce Fighters" come with the same Build-A-Figure pieces, the left arm and head of Thanos. Rustin was right when he called this a missed opportunity: two figures, both with the same head? Why not give them different expressions? Make one smiling, and one frowning, thereby covering pretty much every appearance he's ever made in any comic.

Spider-Woman and Hellcat are both good Marvel Legends - one needed an update, while the other has never had an action figure before - but most people are going nuts for Jessica, while ignoring Patsy. Their loss, your gain. Just because you'd heard of one before this series was released but not the other, it doesn't mean they're not both worth getting.

-- 05/18/15

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