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Avengers: Endgame
by yo go re

You've heard of salt shakers, but have you ever heard of Pepper in a can?

From CEO of Stark Enterprises to powered by Stark Tech, Pepper Potts protects world order in her own Rescue Suit designed by Tony Stark.

In the comics, Pepper got injured in an attack and, with shrapnel near her heart, needed a magnetic reactor implanted in her chest to keep her alive; Tony later designed her an armor that could be run off the reactor, one with purely defensive capabilities so she didn't have to worry about using a weapon of war. In the movies, he just built it for her because. Maybe he thought if she had her own armor, she'd be less mad at him for Iron-Manning all the time? Maybe he wanted to share his hobby with her? Maybe he was just bored. There was technically a Marvel Legend of the 616 Rescue armor, but it was only available if you subscribed to Marvel's digital comics service, which means it might as well never have been available at all.

While the 616 Rescue armor was red and silver, the movie goes in a totally different direction, because that Tony Stark is nice enough to let people have their own colorschemes. She's still got the silver accents, but the main color is blue, making her look really complementary next to Iron Man's red and gold. The lines of the suit look very much like the Mk.50 armor, with angled indents on the torso and colorful slashes on the thighs, but the shape is undeniably more feminine than what Tony usually wears. Sculptor Ryan Chapman worked from the movie's digital renders, but still had to resculpt everything to make sure it was readable at 1:12 scale. If the MCU wants to introduce Riri Williams' Ironheart armor, this sets a good starting point.

The first hint we'd be seeing Rescue in Endgame was her helmet - it seemed like it was just an Easter egg, but nope! Thanks to the way Marvel Legends are constructed, you can pop the head off and pretend it's an empty helmet; there's no unmasked head included here, but hey, if you got the Amazon exclusive three-pack, you could swap it over and make your own.

Rescue gets all the usual ML joints, though the big pods over her forearms keep the wrists from flexing back - of course, her only hands are balled into fists, so it's not like those are getting in the way of repulsor blasts or anything. The backpack she wears has flaps that open, but unlike the Mark VII armor, they're not hinged pieces on the toy - instead, she has two different backpacks: one with the flaps closed, one with them open. The number 0049 is printed on the back; it seems unlikely that's supposed to represent the armor model number, because that would mean he built it before Infinity War and jut had it lying around for, like, six years? No. Endgame implied he was working on it right then. And it's not like the various War Machines have numbers in the sequence, so why would Rescue?

We also get Hulk's torso. It's a big chunk of this series' Build-A-Figure, and it's in the packaging next to Rescue.

Seeing Rescue in Endgame was super exciting, and the fact that we've finally got a toy of the armor is even better. Now if only Hasbro would release that comic version in a way human beings could actually get it.

-- 08/14/19

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