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Avengers (Gamerverse)
by yo go re

If I had the ability to time-travel, I'd use it to get my work done on deadline.

Born in the 31st century, Kang employs time travel and hyper-sophisticated technology to conquer all of time.

Yes he does, and if he does, how does he ever lose? We've said it before, but if the Avengers defeat him, he could just retreat to the future, rest up, develop some new technology, recruit some new soldiers and train them to to the peak of perfection, catch a nap, binge every season of every show ever made in the entire multiverse... and then reappear one second after he ran away, while the Avengers are still trying to catch their breath. You don't have to be smart to use time travel well, but geeze, you can't be dumb! Imagine if Doc Brown's solution to the missing Sports Almanac was to wait until it was 1960 to get it back from Biff; you'd think he really had ruined his brain falling in the bathroom, wouldn't you? But that's basically what Kang does every time, but he's still held up as one of the Avengers' greatest foes.

Hasbro already released a Marvel Legends Kang, but it was a) 12 years ago, b) a Walmart exclusive, and c) a straight re-release of a ToyBiz figure, so opting to make their own new version is perfectly fine, even if it doesn't really look at all different. Silky green smock? Check. Purple jazzercise thigh-highs? Check. Not enough villains dress like 1980s TV prostitutes, but Kang is out here doing his part to correct that imbalance. The shirt and pants are sculpted with different textures and different thicknesses - there are tiny wrinkles all around his knees, but onl big folds on his arms.

Phil Ramirez did a top-notch job on the last Kang, but the head was a little small on the body. We don't know who sculpted this update, but the head still looks great and this time it's more proportional. The face is a dark blue, with lighter lines running vertically over the eyes and cheeks that merge right into the frame around the opening in his helmet.

Other than the face, the colors on this toy are slightly lighter than last time. His tunic is an olive green, and the purple is a warm shade, with more red than blue. Yet again, they've chosen to make the lower edge of his shirt a lighter green than the rest, rather than matching the purple. Eh, it happens. The plastic used for his knees is a different shade than all the rest. Which also happens, but shouldn't.

The articulation is not quite as plentiful as the ToyBiz figure's, but quantity isn't the only measure of success. Kang has swivel/hinge ankles, double-hinged knees, swivel thighs inside his boots, balljointed hips, a balljointed waist so the tunic doesn't get broken up, swivel/hinge wrists, elbows, and shoulders, a hinged neck and a balljointed head. The last Kang had things like hinged fingers and toes, but this one doesn't need those.

Kang has alternate hands: a pair of fists straight out of the box, a pair of gesturing hands to replace those, and a left hand with the trigger finger extended so he can hold his large future-gun. He also includes a large future-gun, which isn't as compact as the pistol-sized "neutrino-ray" he often uses, but still looks suitably advanced. It's a dark silver, and the hand holds it well.

We get the right leg of the "Joe Fixit" Hulk Build-A-Figure that all the releases in this series contribute to.

The existing Kang is definitely good enough, but it was released twice and was vastly hard to get both times - a new one was really needed! And since Kang has the potential to be the next big MCU threat, it's nice to get him before the rush.

-- 01/25/21

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