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Bunny Anya

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Series 4
by yo go re

"It's been exactly one week since we copulated. Did you forget?"

Anya is an ex-vengeance demon. When her source of power, an amulet, was destroyed, she became human again and is forced to live a "normal" life in Sunnydale. Anya is in a continual struggle, trying to deal with her new role in the mortal world. Despite her constant fear of the great and dreadful bunny rabbit, she is secure in her place along side her new man, Xander. Her honesty and sincerity add a comedy break to the intense atmosphere that constantly hovers over Sunnydale.

Ah, Anya; who doesn't love her tactless babbling about money and sex? Introduced as a Monster of the Week in Season 3, her character grew into one of the trusted members of the Scooby Gang and a serious love interest for Xander. Offered here in the Halloween costume she wore in the season four episode "Fear, Itself," Bunny Anya makes a nice counterpart for Series 2's Fiesta Giles.

Anya's a bit of an interesting toy. Normally MAC will release standard versions of their figures, and then a variant will be available through limited specialty shops. Nominally part of Buffy Series IV, Anya has no "regular" edition; there's only the one, wearing a big (non-removable) bunny suit and available through limited retailers (in fact, I ended up having to order mine directly from Moore's [now-defunct] website).

Of course, it's possible that this is because Anya was rushed to shelves. While the figure's face is definitely that of Emma Caulfield, the body has simply been reused from their earlier Willow. That little tidbit even eluded the staff at ToyFare magazine, so how can I tell? No, I didn't rip open the bunny suit - geek that I am, I recognize the hands poking out of her sleeves. I'm so ashamed!

The costume itself is quite well crafted. It's made of real fabric (what toy industry insiders call "softgoods"), all fuzzy and white. The tummy and inner ears are pink, and the soles of the feet have plastic forms inside providing toes and stability. She's even got a big cottonpuff tail. Anya's got all the same articulation as Willow did - neck, shoulders, elbows, V-crotch and knees - but doesn't come with a base of any sort: no grassy graveyard, no plain stone, nothing. That isn't really a problem, however, since her big bunny feet help support her. Her only real accessory is an 1½" tall non-articulated figurine of the Gachnar fear demon, perfect for the squishing.

For now, this is the only Anya available. And really, how many other ex-90210-ers have their own toys? Okay, the answer is "five," but the question was rhetorical. She's the cutest of the Scoobies with her lips as red as rubies and her firm yet supple... tight embrace; how can you go wrong?

-- 09/17/02

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