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DCD Justice
by yo go re

Every hero needs a weakness. A good writer will make that weakness something internal and character-related, like a weighty sense of responsibility. A lazy writer will just slap down some arbitrary outside force, like kryptonite or the color yellow.

Sinestro After being deemed unfit to weild the power of the Green Lantern's ring by the Guardians Of The Universe, Sinestro vowed revenge to destroy the Green Lantern Corp. He comes from the anti-matter universe of Qward and uses his yellow power ring to spread his evil throught the galaxy.

Post-Crisis, Sinestro is a disgraced former Green Lantern, whose totalitarian control over his home planet was exposed by newb Hal Jordan. He's considered the GL Corps' greatest failure, which I guess means that the Oans find a dislike of litter more of a crime than killing your teammates and literally destroying the universe.

with this ring, I thee DEAD! When he first appeared in Green Lantern #7, Sinestro was just another generic alien menace, transporting an Earth city to the anti-matter universe. A few months later he was back, having designed himself a new yellow power ring to take advantage of the Lanterns' weakness.

Sinestro is thin and wiry, colors! which relly helps make him stand out from the superhero/villain crowd. His costume is pretty decent, with a blue starburst on a black bodysuit. The only really goofy thing is the little frilly white thing under his belt - it looks like Sinestro is wearing a tutu.

that's not a forehead, that's a five-head The sculpt is great, of course. Sinestro is one of those science fiction aliens whose major distinguishing trait is his skin color, but Ross has pushed his slightly oversized cranium even further than usual, giving this purple-headed warrior a bulb-shaped dome that is twice as wide at the top as at the bottom. He's got an imperial look on his gaunt face, which reminds me of Vincent Price.

Articulation is slightly above-average for an Alex Ross figure: plum-head, here, moves at the neck, shoulders, elbows, forearms, hips and knees. While the shoulders are balljoints, the head isn't. These days, a balljointed head should be mandatory for any character who can fly.

mega-whatnow? Sinestro comes with one accessory that... doesn't make any sense. Dubbed a mega-rod, it looks like a flashlight or "personal massager," which just makes the name even funnier. In any case, it's not something that Sinestro has ever used - he's got his yellow ring, and that's it. Maybe he'll be using it in the new Super Friends-inspired series Justice. He had better be, or this is one dumb accessory.

Considering that the only other Sinestro figure from DC Direct is based on the Super Friends cartoon designs, this is the one to get. Whether you plan to get the Ross GL or not, Sinestro is a worthy buy. He's a classic villain, and he's never looked this good before.

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