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Deadpool 2
by yo go re

She's up all night to get lucky.

A mercenary mutant, Domino is one of the only heroes who can truly match Deadpool's wit and skill. And she gets more than enough chances to prove it. So maybe she's not that lucky.

If you're doing a Deadpool sequel and introducing X-Force, then Domino is a totally logical choice to include - she and Cable are totally the core of concept, and they both have plenty of history hanging around Wade. She's also a totally illogical choice to include because, as Deadpool himself says, her powers aren't at all cinematic. He's wrong, of course, but that's just because of good scriptwriting; conceptually, "probability manipulation" doesn't sound like it would look very cool; even the MCU has turned Scarlet Witch into a general "energy blast" character, and Domino's powers are already more passive than Wanda's are. Remember, when she first showed up in the comics, her powers seemed to be "has guns." (It was the '90s.)

Domino was played by Zazie Beetz, a piece of casting which didn't seem to raise as much backlash as, say, Finn or Heimdall did. Maybe because everyone subconciously knew Domino was never going to be chalk-white, so we were all braced for change anyway? 616 Domino's eye-spot is a brand given to her by the shadowy cabal responsible for her birth; movie Domino's eye-spot is segmental vitiligo, meaning it's a natural (lack of) skin pigmentation. Technically the last two fingers on her right hand should also be white like this, but that app got skipped here, likely because they knew no one would notice it. The figure includes two heads: one serious and one smiling slightly. The happy one also has goggles sculpted on the forehead.

The movie costume does a better job of referencing the comicbooks than any of the X-Men suits ever did (with the possible exception of Days of Future Past Magneto). It's basically a sleeveless leather catsuit with long fingerless gloves and knee-high boots. She's got a gunbelt with a holster on the right leg and extra ammo on the left. They've even remembered to sculpt her braided leather necklace. So overall she looks like she's ready for some tactical espionage action, which is true no matter which continuity you're in. The parallels are helped by the fact that the outside edges of the suit are painted blue, which is totally one of Domino's colors.

Her articulation is standard; head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles, totaling 27 points. Uh, points of articulation - we're not, like, assigning her a score or something. Everything moves well, though the holster being glued to her leg means the range is limited a little. Limited as much as a human joint would be. At least her big natural hair doesn't unbalance her; that's twice in one year Hasbro has proved they can do this.

As for accessories, there's a laser-sighted Glock to go in that leg holster, and a pair of customized MAC-10s with a bayonet affixed. Since her normal hands are fists, we also get a second pair with the trigger fingers extended.

In addition to face-logo stickers, the Deadpool-ized packaging identifies the characters by their real names, which are then scratched out and have their supranym scrawled next to it. It's a nifty conceit, but if you look past the black bars, you'll see Domino is identified as "Beatrice Thurman," which isn't right: she's Neena; Beatrice was her mom (in the comics, at least).

Domino turned out to be pretty awesome in Deadpool 2, and worked a lot better on-screen than anyone anticipated. And truthfully, none of the Deadpool costumes would really look out of place in the MCU, so if we're lucky we'll get to see her again in the future.

-- 12/10/20

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