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Mystic Rivals

Doctor Strange
by yo go re

With all these magical girls around, how long will it be until Tuxedo Mask shows up?

These women use their mystical powers for very different reasons: one for good, the other for evil.

No, this is not the completely forgettable character from Suicide Squad - this is Thor's enemy. She is Amora, an Asgaardian who apprenticed under Karnilla until she was banished, who then began seducing other magic users to learn their secrets. Magical sexpot, basically. And like your girlfriend, more than a little bit obsessed with Thor. She sort of skirts the line between anti-hero and anti-villain, depending on what best suits her own personal goals at any given moment. So that just makes her selfish, not malicious. Sure, she's been a member of the Masters of Evil (Heinrich Zemo's second version), but she's also helped save the world once or twice. So maybe cut her some slack?

Enchantress does not wear slacks, but since she was created in 1964, neither is she running around bare-ass naked. Befitting her status as a seductress, she was a bit less-covered than her Kirby contemporaries (which, in this case, meant only that her shoulders and upper chest were bare). Her costume of choice has long been a short green dress with dark leggings, and this toy delivers. Below the neck, she's identical to the Maidens of Might Scarlet Witch - the same bustier top, the same hands, all that. She gets a new skirt piece, which is basically just a golden belt with a lot of sculpted straps hanging from it.

The head's new, of course, and it's spectacular. She has a green headdress, framing her face and holding her blonde hair back. The hair itself spills over her right shoulder and far enough down her back to pass the joint. The facial sculpt is what really makes her great, though: she's displaying a terrific smirk that gives the toy just a ton of personality!

As mentioned, her dress is green with a golden belt. She wears separate... sleeves? They're not really gloves, since they don't cover her hands. They just run from her wrists up to the middle of her biceps, and are a lighter green than the dress. Her leggings are black, with the traditional green circles all the way down the front. From a design standpoint, they allow artists to do her legs completely in black, while still using the brighter spots to define the shape and visually separate one leg from the other; in kayfabe, maybe her favorite thralls are allowed to work their way higher up the circles they're allowed to climb. "You there! Tom Brady! You are merely a six-circle slave, get your hands off my seven - and your face off my twelve!"

The body isn't the only thing Enchantress gets from Scarlet Witch: once again, she gets the magical effects that clip onto her wrists. Hers are green, like the ones Dr. Strange came with, but that just suits her colorscheme. Hard to get her to stand when she's using them, though - Hasbro should have given her flats instead of heels.

Part of the Doctor Strange movie line, Enchantress comes with a piece of the Series 1 Build-A-Figure, Dormammu. She gets the chest, which is pretty much identical to the one in last year's SDCC "Book of Vishanti" set.

We still don't understand Hasbro's reasoning on calling these figures by one shared name, rather than just themselves, but Enchantress and Nico Minoru are both good toys of unexpected characters.

-- 10/17/16

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