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Final Faction
by yo go re

You can't be surprised: Amari's addendum specifically said this guy was next, next, next!

Krepitus is a relentless bounty hunter. He is tasked with eliminating loose ends for the Kharn. Krepitus has no sympathy for his targets. He is only focused on the task at hand and will do anything to complete it. His latest bounty is that of the defector Torn.
Weapon of Choice: Krepitus uses his jagged arm blades, enhanced with poison, to eliminate his targets. His companion "Flea" helps scout out and find targets quietly.

Well clearly the Kharn went to the Sith school of naming villains. You can't tell us there isn't a "Darth Krepitus" somewhere out there in the old expanded universe, alongside such other Sithal standouts as Darth Stroyer, Darth Trocious, Darth Sploder, and Darth Urderer.

Krepitus definitely looks like a Kharn, with the hunched posture, the big crooked legs, the scaly armor, and the sunken face. One thing that absolutely sets him apart from his fellows, though? He's got dreadlocks spilling down from the right side of his scalp. Hair? How about that! If you look at his intro card, it also says he has light-bending camouflage and infared vision, just in case the dreads and the hunting didn't already make it clear what they were going for.

Design companies have started making portmanteaux for various shades of gray. So like, if your color is between gray and beige, it's "griege"; if it's between gray and blue, it's "bley." Krepitus is molded from a plastic that's somewhere between grey and green, so I guess we'd call that... green. Okay, that doesn't work, never mind. Like Diabol, he shows some more color in the animation, but not a ton more. They at least remembered to paint his hair black, and to make his eyes the same gold as the armor he's wearing. The armor looks like it's fused right to his body, which is an interesting choice. None of the other Kharn have worn anything protective yet, so maybe this is how they all work? He does live up his name by looking at least somewhat decrepit, more gaunt and wrinkly than the other Kharn have been.

Similar to his opposite number, Torn, Krepitus uses a pair of swivelling blades on his arms as his main weapon. Huh, come to think of it, Torn has some invisibility power, too; now we're curious about the two characters' connection and the story that's being hinted at. Outstanding work, creators! Krepitus' blades are black in the cartoon, but bright green here (matching the green details on the animation armor). The ones in the cartoon are both the same model, too, but the toy gets two distinct ones, so the toy wins. He's supposedly got an accessory pack coming in the future, but he seems pretty dangerous already, even if he does only move at the head, shoulders, and hips.

Most importantly, he comes with his little sidekick/pet thing, Flea. Just an unpainte chunk of plastic here, Flea is a small, insectoid creature with multiple legs and long pincers on its front. A little notch on its underside fits onto a block on top of the shoulder armor, so Flea can ride securely as Krepitus goes into battle.

Even without being as painted as he is in the Final faction cartoon, Krepitus is still a decent-looking figure, thanks to his grey-and-gold colorscheme and his vibrant green weapons. Plus, giving him a little buddy to join him in the fight against the Alpha Team is a plus. The GI Joes with animals were always the coolest, so it's good to see Final Faction following that lead.

-- 09/02/22

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