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Final Faction
by yo go re

Apparently the Kharn got jealous of the Alpha Team's dune buggy, because now they have a little vehicle of their own.

The Rumbler - Kharn's light weight excavation vehicle that is used for pillaging the Earth's natural resources. Upgrade with the Rumbler Armor and Weapons Pack and convert it into a heavy duty ground vehicle.

While the Arrow ATV was sold in a long, horizontal box, the Rumbler comes in a cube, due to the shape of the vehicle itself. The pieces are bagged inside, and need to be assmbled before you can play: attach the rear fin to the body, put the big front wheels on the sides, and plug the small back wheel on. It's not complex. Just don't plan on ever getting them apart again, especially that piece in the back.

A lot of times, we're presented with "alien" vehicles that still look like they were designed on Earth: a plane is a plane, a tank is a tank, etc. But the Kharn aren't Transformers, so we're not just looking at machines; they have more organic technology, like if Xenomorphs could build something other than hallways. The closest human analogue to this would be a cross between a chariot and the teacup ride at Disney World. The body is a big hollow cup, "the Exoskeleton," where the driversits, with two massive "Vertebrae Wheels" on the sides and a tiny one in the back.

The detailing of the Exoskeleton feels very similar to the Synthoid, just grown a different way. That's most evident with the single large circle right in the center, a feature identified as an "Earth Core Melter," a device that would make sense for an excavation vehicle. There are also smaller "Anti-Infantry Lasers" arranged like eyes above that. The Rumbler is designed for a single occupant (so far only General Diabol has ever been shown using it) with no room for passengers. There's no detailing inside at all, so it'll look weird if you don't have some figure driving it.

The Rumbler's body is purple, with black wheels and red weapons. For 2023, Final faction is introducing some repaint figures, with the Alpha Team getting "Elite' repaints (gold) and the Kharn getting "Venom" (black and neon green). If you don't like the way this Rumbler looks, it's also going to be available Venomized, so you'll have your choice of what you want it to look like.

Unlike what we said in the Arrow ATV review, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are not actually two different stores: as reader Pharmadan pointed out, they're two branches of the same company, like Walmart and Sam's Club, or Kuerig and Dr Pepper (no, really). So far, there's no deluxe combo of the Rumbler and its accessory pack like there was for the ATV, meaning right now Dollar Tree is the only place to build this little oddball.

The Rumbler may not be as much of a must-have as the Alpha Team's ride, but it's still a highly affordable toy that will suit more than one collection. And make Diabol look more imperious.

-- 01/06/23

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