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Mrs. Claus & Candy Cane

Funko Pop!
by yo go re

You know those tacky little "Christmas village" display pieces that stores begin selling at this time of year? Well like we say, eventually Funko will create a POP! of everything because they've gotten into the market with their Peppermint Lane line. There are large POP! Town Christmas sets, with buildings, and POP! Christmas sets that just feature standalone characters.

Have you been playing in the cold snow? Try warming up with one of Mrs. Claus' freshly baked gingerbread cookies! She's here along with Candy Cane to make your holidays merry and bright!

Mrs. Claus has been a part of popular culture since the mid-19th century, where she was originally a bit of a firebrand, but these days is usually depicted as more of a background helper, either assisting with the elves or doing general housework; I guess when you're a timeless being who never ages, you have trouble adapting to modern norms - dude still uses a sleigh, after all. That's not to say there haven't been modern interpretations of Missus C that take her back to her more independent and self-actualized roots, but they're the exception, not the rule.

As you'd expect, Mrs. Claus is smiling sweetly. She's still got those creepy POP! eyes, but also two painted eyelashes on each because girl. She goes all-in on the seasonal branding, with Christmas-tree earrings and a coat that matches her husband's. She wears a green dress beneath that, and her red hat has a sprig of holly on the side. Rather than a puffy materteral haircut, like many a Mrs. Claus has had, this one has long hair done into a braid tied with a red bow.

Carol is depicted holding a tray of cookies - gingerbread men, one boy and one girl, decorated with red and white icing. She's holding the tray barehanded, so either these cookies are not fresh from the oven, or she's got the same heat-proof skin that allows Santa to traverse working chimneys with no issues. It's amusing that the simplistic frosted eyes on the cookies end up looking so much like the POP! standard, just in white instead of black.

Apparently feeling that selling Mrs. Claus by herself was insufficient, Funko has seen fit to give her a pet cat, Candy Cane (a name I can't hear without thinking of the otherwise-forgotten movie Joy Ride, where the trucker keeps drawling it over the CB radio). Candy Cane is a cute little thing, sitting there with their head cocked to the side and their tail curled to the front. Befitting the name, the cat is white with red stripes. And of course, huge black eyes.

We don't begrudge Funko trying to get into the Christmas display market any more than we begrudge Mezco making Living Dead Dolls - if it brings the company money, good for them. And admittedly, if I were going to get into collecting little village displays, I'd be a lot more interested in Peppermint Lane than the regular offerings. Here's hoping they can do more next year.

-- 12/13/19

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