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Guardians of the Galaxy
by yo go re

Part of what makes Guardians of the Galaxy such an unlikely summer blockbuster is the relative obscurity of its main characters. There are five of them - Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Racoon and Groot - and and one point or another, they've all gone nearly a decade between comic appearances.

The last survivor of an extinguished race, the assassin Gamora trained from childhood to become the most dangerous woman in the universe!

Because comicbooks are inherently silly, the exterminated race Gamora belongs to were the Zen Whoberi. Yeesh. They deserve to be killed off just for that name alone. "Zen Whoberi" sounds like the worst Captain Crunch flavor of all time. Depending on which story you believe, they were either killed off by the Badoon (a reptilian alien race) or the Universal Church of Truth (a cult founded by the evil clone of Adam Warlock). No idea what the movie's version will be, but it would still certainly make perfect sense for her to have been raised by Thanos. Only a few weeks until we find out!

In the comics, Gamora's face is distinguished (in addition to having green skin) by the large gold circles around her eyes. Movie Gamora definitely has some kind of facial markings, but they're not circles and they're not gold. She's played by Zoe Saldana in her second comicbook movie role, and the likeness is good. Better than Uhura, anyway.

Unlike Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, Gamora has not (yet) had her comic costume redesigned to match the one seen in the movie. Yes, she's ditched the fishnet bodystocking (and the wannabe-Vampirella swimsuit she had after that), but she's wearing a nifty black and white suit of armor that - gasp! - actually covers her entire body. Movie Gamora is a bit more casual, donning a pair of tall black boots, a dark blue sleeveless jumpsuit with metallic highlights and a sculpted fishnet pattern on the stomach and sides, and dark blue fingerless gloves that go up to her mid-forearms. There's a loose belt hanging around her waist (with a loop on her right hip and a pad of armor on her left), and a metallic blue collar sculpted over her collarbones.

There are silver scales on the collar, and the paint on them really varies from figure to figure - you need to compare them to get the best version. Her hair fades from black to metallic red, and her skin is a muted green. The colors of her outfit are indistinguishable under normal lighting conditions.

Gamora's articulation seems like it's on par with your average Marvel Legend, with joints at the head, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles, but her high-heeled chunky wedge shoes make it hard to find a center of balance for her. Plus, the swivel/hinge joints in her hips seem to have been designed incorrectly: they barely move out to the sides at all. It doesn't seem like it's just a random problem with the assembly: if it were, I wouldn't expect it to affect both legs equally; so we're left to assume it was really made this way for some unknown reason. Maybe her pants are too tight? She should fight in a skirt!

She's armed with a weird, outer-space-y sword. Is this the movieverse version of Godslayer, the blade Thanos gave her? Or is it just some random weapon? Either way, it looks pretty fearsome (yet alien at the same time). It can be held in either hand, but there isn't a sheath for it (you can hook it on her belt if you try).

Of course, she also has a piece of the Groot BAF. Like Iron Man, she has a leg that's nearly as tall as she is. Groot is going to be tall!

When it comes to rarity within this Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends series, Gamora falls somewhere in the middle - she's not as hen's-teeth-rare as Rocket or Nova, but she's not as much of a pegwarmer as Iron Man and Star-Lord, either. And after all the hunting you'll have to do to get her, she's merely... okay. The body sculpt is good, but she's got a bored look on her face and her articulation isn't up to snuff. So get her, but don't go overboard trying.

-- 07/21/14

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