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Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
by yo go re

Forget Sarah Connor, this Terminator is looking for Sigfried and Roy.

Titus was a member of the Supernovas, along with Jesse Alexander and four others. Soon after Jesse went back to Earth for the birth of his son Sam, the remaining Supernovas were overrun by the Chitauri they were fighting and killed. Titus, however, was merely wounded, and in order to save his own life, bartered the ship's cargo for his own survival. Given a cybernetic eye and arm, he rose through the ranks of the Chitauri army, hoping for a chance to gain revenge on the human he felt was responsible for his defeat.

Titus is the Build-A-Figure for Series 1 of the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 figures. He's built from six pieces, and stands 7⅞" tall once assembled. The character was designed by Ed McGuinness, so you know generally what to expect: a very large, muscular character with rounded style. Yep, that's what the toy gives us.

The figure uses the same underlying sculpt as Venom: Spaceknight, but not all of the same molds - direct re-use is limited to the feet, knees, thighs, and left arm. The torso is different, because it has a raised collar rather than a ribbed throat, and a lot of the small panel lines on that previous sculpt have been done away with, here. The shins, meanwhile, add an extra line around the top of the boot that doesn't actually line up with the paint all the way around. We do get a nice new three-fingered tiger hand at the end of his left arm, and his shoulders have the angled sleeves of his uniform.

One of Titus' upgrades is a large mechanical arm that ends in a cannon instead of a hand. The arm is banded metal, like Colossus, while the gun has four large barrels. You know who will probably never get a Marvel Legend? Random. Remember Random, from the '90s X-Books? He also had a gun for a hand like this, which is the only reason we mention him now. No one has thought about Random in 20 years.

The tiger head is a tiger head, which makes us sad we never got those Tellos action figures all those years ago. Usually putting an animal head on a human body and calling it an alien is reserved for the Green Lantern Corps, but the Nova Corps is basically Marvel's version of that, so there you go. His biological eye is painted looking up, when really it should be looking down (since he'd be taller than most people he'd meet). The jaw is soft enough plastic that you can push it closed, but it's not articulated and won't stay shut.

Titus is painted the same colors as Nova, which is good from a continuity standpoint, but bad from a "he's supposed to be black, not blue" standpoint. There's a gray wash on his white fur, giving it dimension, and his black stripes are applied cleanly. The scar around his missing eye is pink, but it doesn't look like a scar - it's more like goofy eye makeup or something. That's the same shade as his tongue and gums, and his teeth are a nice off-white.

One of our earlier reviews questioned why anyone would want to build Titus. That jab wasn't really about Titus so much as it was his role in the toyline: Titus is a minor character at best, and we still don't have a Ronan from the first movie (or at least we didn't, when this review was written). It's not that Titus is bad, just that this BAF slot would have been better off going to another character.

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-- 07/03/19

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