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Colonel Brekhov

GI Joe Operation Bear Trap
by yo go re

Hey, look who's back from the grave! For now.

Colonel Brekhov is a tough, cigar-chomping veteran with a no-nonsense, no apologies style. He is the distinguished battlefield officer of the Oktober Guard team. He genuinely cares about the welfare of his country and its people, and he feels that the best way he can serve them is to be the best soldier possible.

Colonel Brekhov is what some would call an "old war horse" because the military is all he knows. He is a superb strategist and is fearless in battle. His tactical mind is not above setting aside political differences to overcome any threat posed against his team, because in the Russian approach to combat, there are no rules. He often uses the Dnepr (motorcycle) to spearhead assaults against enemy forces.

The last Col. Brekhov figure looked like pockmarked character actor Robert Davi, rather than the distinctive appearance he'd always had in the comics. This one still doesn't look like he did in the comics, but it's a good head regardless. He has the unhappy look of a leader, and just a bit of a combover to conceal his receding hairline.

In order to create Brekhov's uniform, the figure uses the Rise of Cobra Destro mold, and it's an excellent choice: from the tall black boots and the jodhpurs to the button-up jacket with the epaulettes on the shoulders, this is unmistakably military. The upper arms are from the Cobra Strike Trooper and the forearms from Resolute Duke, so his arms don't quite go straight - the elbow pads leave him with a permanent bend. A minor bend, a natural bend, but a bend nonetheless.

Brekhov's uniform is tan, which matches Stormavik, but is also nearly the same color the last toy wore. His boots, belt and gloves are gloss black, and he's wearing a white shirt with a black tie. His epaulettes are red, matching the details on his hat, while his harness and the shoulder holster he wears are green. There's a single gold paint app on his belt buckle, which wasn't something they needed to do, but turned out nicely.

His accessories are simple: in addition to the harness, holster and hat (all removable, by the way), the figure comes with a pistol to fit in the holster, and two black machine guns. I suck at identifying guns, but the smaller one has a scope on top and a small foregrip. The larger one also has a foregrip, but no scope (even though there's a picatinny rail on top where one could be mounted). It's not the gun shown with Brekhov in the stock photos the Collectors' Club put out, but it's not a bad change.

Colonel Brekhov may not have the same face as the previous figure, but he has the same feeling. Plus, his uniform is clearly an update of the old look, and that's more than we can say for the first two Oktober Guardsmen we reviewed from this set.

-- 12/28/12

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