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GI Joe Figure Subscription Service 3.0
by yo go re

Remember when we recently said that Hasbro plays favorites with Transformers over GI Joe? Here's the proof.

Bombstrike always hits her target, whether it's scoring a goal in soccer or calling in the correct coordinates for an air strike. She's at the leading edge of the action, her eyes taking in all the details and calculating what will give her team the winning move of the day. In soccer, where it's only a game, she's a gracious loser. But in battle, where lives are at stake, that's when Bombstrike plays to win, with focused intensity and uncompromising courage.

Bombstrike is part of the new age of remote-controlled combat. She performs identification, acquisition, and analysis of assigned Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance tasks. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is at the forefront of gathering aerial intel around the globe, minimizing the risk to soldiers - including herself. As a skilled operator, she is able to analyze intelligence imagery in order to make snap decisions to either pull the trigger or vacate the vicinity without ever being seen.

Bombstrike gets one of those new Boss Fight Studios headsculpts, and it makes her look like Alison Pill. Maggie in The Newsroom. Kim Pine in Scott Pilgrim. Like, exactly like her. Seriously, look up a picture of Alison Pill at the Snowpiercer premiere, and you'll see that this toy is even rocking her exact haircut! It's uncanny.

The original Bombstrike was just wearing a tan T-shirt, which isn't very military. Well, and pants, too, she had on pants; it wasn't that kind of toy. Anyway, this one keeps the camo print below the waist, but has a little bit of chest armor thanks to the Renegades Scarlett mold. The armor itself retains the tan color (and GI Joe logo), while the shirt she's wearing beneath it is black. Her belt and legs are the same ones Cover Girl had, which does mean she's dinged down a little bit in the articulation department.

Oh, she's got all the joints - a balljointed head, torso, and hips; swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and ankles; swivel wrists; and double-hinged knees - but the legs are so old that they're from the period before Hasbro redesigned the ankle joints to simulate the range of a rocker joint (possibly because the lower legs that were originally seen with this torso were already used for Vypra). So she can move, but not as dynamically as some other figures. Of course, if she's the type to hang back at the base and pilot a drone, as the filecard suggests, maybe she doesn't need to be.

Speaking of drones, she's got one. The same one Duke had, painted brown and given USAF marking on both sides. I guess we know what branch of the service she was recruited from! She's also got a brown computer briefcase, which we're left to assume is the way she pilots the drone. And yes, both the drone and the case have the guns you'd expect them to have. They're molded in grey plastic.

She's also wearing a green backpack and carrying the same HK USC the original figure (it's shown up a few times already in Generation 3, usually carried by the Baroness). Naturally, she can also wield the MP5K or the drone guns listed above. And she has a small pistol.

It's great that we've finally got a G3 Bombstrike, to complete the triad begun by her brothers Barrel Roll and Black Out. But it's a shame that the only way we got any of them is through an expensive subscription service, rather than on store shelves. And it's also a shame that she had to give up her proper name to a Transformer who doesn't deserve it.

-- 05/08/15

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