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Infamous Iron Man

Marvel Legends
by yo go re

In accordance with prophecy!

Once one of the world's most evil villains, Victor Von Doom has a change of allegience and assumes a new identity as the tech-powered hero, Iron Man.

During Marvel's most recent Secret Wars event, Doctor Doom stole the powers of Beyonder and Molecule Man to turn himself into the god of the world. It didn't last, but that taste of being the steward for all humanity changed his perspective, and when the normal reality was restored, he decided to keep that feeling alive by becoming a good guy. You know, the equivalent of trying to be polite and patient with people after Christmas and all the way into January.

This figure is based on the Invincible Iron Man figure, just as we suggested could be done. We're getting the hang of this "spot the future repaint" game Hasbro has been running with their Marvel Legends. There are no changes to the body mold: the two extra glowing ports on Vic's chest (and the seams in the armor that connect them to the middle light) are simply painted on, but the apps are good enough to fool your eye. Trompe l'oeil, suckas! The armor is grey and green, because what better way to honor the memory of Tony Stark than to insist on overwriting another hero's colorscheme with your own?

The head has been at least minorly changed. It's the same sculpt, but a notch was added to the back so Doom's hood could be permanently glued into place. The faceplate is a lighter silver than the rest of the armor - there's a reason Gwenpool described him as looking like "War Machine in a hoodie" - and there's a black outline around the face and creating the distinctive shape of his mouth. The green is so dark it almost looks black, too.

The entire cape is a new mold, packaged in its own little tray behind the figure. It's designed to fall in front of the right shoulder, but is pushed back behind the left. Its green is darker than the green on the armor, but it's sculpted with a texture that makes it look like felt or something - at least on the outside. The inside is smooth. Though the hood is glued on, the cape just rests on the shoulders.

Victor Von Doom has a mastery of the mystic arts as well as the scientific arts, so his armor utilizes "dark arts spell cycles" instead of AI to help it run. He also has the ability to cast spells in addition to firing repulsor blasts, so this figure not only comes with the blast effects molded in a translucent magenta, but also some crackling energy in the same color. You get your choice of fists or open blasting hands for him.

Since Infamous Iron Man is a Walgreens exclusive, it doesn't come with any sort of Build-A-Figure piece. That means there's room in the budget for one extra piece, something we've never had before: Doctor Doom's unmasked, scar-free face. The sculpt is inspired by Mike Deodato Jr's variant cover for Infamous Iron Man #1 - and, since Deodato is the same guy who turned Norman Osborn into Tommy Lee Jones, his take on Victor Von Doom is quite blatantly Vincent Cassel. The head looks slightly too large on the body, but the same was true of the Tony Stark head on the original toy.

Invincible Iron Man was a lame duck figure: nobody was clamoring for the armor, there were better character choices available, and it didn't have a BAF piece, so really nobody wanted it; Infamous Iron Man is much better. He doesn't look like every single thing that's come before, he brings something new character-wise, he has neat accessories... he's another example of Walgreens doing good.

-- 05/20/19

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