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Lord of the Rings
by yo go re

Stout in stature and quick in temper, Gimli represents the Dwarves of Middle-earth in the Fellowship. With the wielding of his axes and his deep loyalty to the quest to break the evil of the One Ring, Gimli is a powerful force against the servants of the enemy.

Ah, John Rhys-​Davies. Whether you know him as Indiana Jones' compatriot Sallah, or as the fat hairy guy from Sliders, he's long been a mainstay of pop culture. Now appearing as Gimli the Dwarf in the Lord of the Rings pictures, it seems he's cemented his place in the geek pantheon.

Standing 4¾" tall, Gimli has nine points of articulation. He comes with five axes and a 2½" pedestal upon which rests the One Ring. Squeeze his legs together and he swings his right arm, bringing his axe crashing down. This is, in short, "Council of Elrond" Gimli, seen when the Fellowship first gathered at Rivendell.

Gimli is very well sculpted - from his braided bushy beard to his thick hair, he really looks as if he just stepped down from the silver screen. The detailing on his costume is exquisite, as well; he's wearing a brown tunic with just a touch of maroon (the exact color scheme from the movie), he's got straps and pouches that help hold his weaponry, his boots look as if he's been plodding over all sorts of terrain, and his gloves have the appearance of well-worn leather. There are sections of chainmail visible between the sections of his costume, and the ornate detailing on the pauldron and vambrace accentuate the arm nicely. The only thing he's missing is his war helmet (primarily because he wasn't wearing it in the scene this figure depicts), but perhaps that will be found on the second Gimli that's due out in a few months.

The articulation in his arms makes for a nice range of poses - with movement at the wrist, bicep, and a balljointed shoulder, you can pose your Gimli in any number of different ways, from the furious badger of destruction seen in the mines of Moria to a relaxed-yet-ready look for that "in between battles" phase. Plus, he can hold each of his five axes in either hand, and all of them fit on the figure at once.

One of the biggest draws for the Gimli figure is that his package includes the One Ring, presented before the Council at Rivendell. It rests on (actually, it's a molded piece of) the short stone table that the representatives of the five races gathered about to decide the ring's fate. As an added bonus, one of Gimli's axes has a break-apart blade; if he tries to destroy the ring, the axe shatters in his hand, just as in the movie. Again, an excellent bit of design!

Overall, this is a decent figure - the accessories are wicked, and it's a good way to get your own Ring - but if you're looking for the little fireplug who tore through the Orcish armies, you might be better off waiting a few months to see how the figure in the two-pack turns out. But at last, you can finally own your own dwarf without going to Mexico!

-- 01/19/02

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