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Aragorn and Brego

LotR - The Two Towers
by yo go re

A descendant of the ancient kings, Aragorn was fated to one day reclaim the lost throne of Gondor, but for the moment he found himself but one more sword in the defenders of Rohan as they prepared for war.
In this time of great peril, Aragorn found a kinship with Brego, the wild horse of Rohan's late Prince Theodred, who had been cut down by Orcs at the Fords of the Isen. Brego was traumatized by the loss of his lord, but Aragorn's gentle hand stayed the beast's fear, and in time he came to bear the king in exile as faithfully as he had once borne the Prince of Rohan.

This is the third Aragorn figure we've gotten, and it has the best likeness yet. It looks as if they took the RealScan data from the original Strider figure, scaled it up slightly, and gave the sculpt a slight tweaking, so this figure looks the most like Viggo Mortensen of any available. There must just be something about his face that's hard to capture.

The sculpt on the figure's body is quite good, from the wrinkles in his clothes to the stitches on his boots. Aragorn stands 6½" tall, and is articulated at the neck, shoulders, right bicep, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, thighs, and rubber-covered ratchet knees. Push the button on Aragorn's back, and he swings his sword (or any other accessory you choose to put in his right hand; maybe your Aragorn has access to an M-16 or a chainsaw). His coat and elvish cloak are both made from real cloth, which allows for a nice, wide range of motion, and he's got a few bundles slung over his shoulder - a bedroll, a quiver of arrows, and a bow with the string wrapped around the body. In a nice bit of detailing, Aragorn is wearing the regal bracers given to him by poor departed Boromir.

Brego stands about 8⅛" tall at the tip of his ears, and holds his head up high, displaying a regal demeanor even in plastic form. His rear feet are white, as is the star on his forehead and the tip of his nose, while the rest of his body is mahogany and black. His gear is all fairly simple, but it's layered and detailed in the right spots. He's carrying well-designed saddlebags, one of which conceals the large button that controls his galloping action, a feature he shares with the rest of the LotR horses.

The horse's legs are articulated at the hip, knee (only on the front legs), and ankle, though the front legs won't stay in position if you move them yourself (due to the galloping action). There is also a ratchet joint in the middle of his neck (again covered by PVC), so you can make his head pull to the side if you so wish. His mane and tail fall fairly straight, so this isn't taken from any battle scenes.

With an excellent likeness, above-average articulation, fine detailing and a great horse, this is a pretty nice set!

-- 12/11/02

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