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Mirio Togata

My Hero Academia
by yo go re

Who wants to be a Lemillionaire?

A third-year student in class 3-B, and one of the "Big 3" known as the top students at U.A. High School. He has a very optimistic attitude and is always smiling brightly. His Quirk is "Permeation" where he has the ability to allow physical matter to phase through his body. He interns along with Izuku Midoriya under the pro hero Sir Night Eye.

Let's do what we always do, and rewrite that into something good. "A member of 'the Big 3,' the strongest and most talented students at UA High School, Mirio Togata's upbeat attitude and Quirk of Permeation - allowing him to phase through solid objects - made him a top candidate to succeed All Might as Japan's number one hero. He chose to name himself Lemillion, because he aspires to save at least 1,000,000 people! Also because it sounds like his favorite rock band, Remioromen." When in doubt, ask us.

Lemillion has one of the most traditionally "superhero-y" designs in the series - the first-year students tend to look like early Image Comics characters, but third-year Mirio is wearing a white bodysuit with blue... well, we hesitate to call them pants, because they only cover the front of his legs, so chaps? There are tall white boots with flaps in front of the knees, a green belt that's supposed to have a valley in the center but instead has a ridge, short red gloves that match his long red cape, and a placard on his chest that shows the number 1,000,000. It's a very classic look, and would be right at home in a DC book.

Mirio (whose given name comes from the Japanese word for "million," mirion) has the ability to phase like Kitty Pryde, except he doesn't have as much control as she does: the instant he's no longer solid, he starts falling toward the center of the Earth, and he can't phase anything with him - including his clothes! His costume had to be made of special fibers derived from his hair and skin cells, so he didn't end up fighting naked. He wears headgear with a translucent yellow visor covering his face, which the promo photo on the back of the box shows him without - it's not removable, so is there a variant in the works?

There's no way for an accessory to show Lemillion's powers, unless you want to count his alternate hands. Fists. He's got so much skill with his Quirk that he can throw a punch at someone, phase through their attempt to block it, and connect soundly with their jaw, all at normal punching speed. The toy has that good modern McFarlane articulation (toes, ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, chest, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, and head), but the molded cape keeps him from ultra-dynamic poses. Such is life. And the shape of his hair means he can't tilt his head back far at all - like, even far enough to look straight ahead. Seems like that should have been caught earlier in the process.

It's absolutely given that Todd's My Hero Academia line would feature the main kids, and logical we'd see their teachers and some enemies, too, but the fact that it's gotten into secondary student characters shows how deep they're willing to go.

-- 03/20/22

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