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Cy-Gor II

Spawn Series 12
by yo go re

If Bananas really did wear Pajamas, this is what would wake them up screaming every night.

The story of Frankenstein gone bad...very bad. The largest most powerful silverback gorilla ever captured from the Congo. Sgt. Stephen "Smitty" Smith, assassin in training under he command of Al Simmons. Through a terrible act of a depraved doctor this creature and this man are genetically bound together through cybernetic operation. After escape Cy-Gor and his cybernetic companion Greystoke roam the countryside and skyscrapers searching or the scent of the only frend he knew...Al Simmons. But the scent has changed. It now smells of death. Cy-Gor's base emotions lead him to believe that this creature known as Spawn has killed Simmons. And for that Spawn must die!

Todd McFarlane is a simple man, who understands some simple truths: it's fun to play sports, comics are cool, and monkeys make everything better. His love of simians has given us some fine ape toys over the years, but none as majestic as Cy-Gor II.

Cy-Gor (Cybernetic Gorilla) was originally a character created specifically for the action figure line, way back in 1996. He later appeared in the comics, and even had his own series, briefly. But as McToys' product continued to improve over the years, that original Cy-Gor just looked more and more out of place amongst his plastic bretheren. So, with the release of Spawn Series 12 in 1998, Todd decreed that lo, there should come a boxed set. He spake unto them that boxed set would be an updated version of Cy-Gor. And there was much rejoicing.

Cy-Gor is an intimidating figure, with excellent detailing everywhere - his fur has been sculpted well, with tufts of hair poking up in random spots, and the more mechanical bits of his frame look appropriately technological, with wires, dials, and lights all over. His mouth is open in a huge snarling scream, baring his fangs at us. The hand on Cy-Gor's robotic left arm pops off, and can be exchanged with a large metal hook.

Get a good grip on the chain that runs from Cy-Gor's collar to the waistband of his metal diaper and you can pull the front of his chest off, revealing a tiny cyber-simian companion (that'd be Greystoke) sitting in a compartment built into the gorilla's body. Greystoke is about 2⅝" tall, and moves at the neck, shoulders, and waist.

The paint job is also very good; there are several fur tones, metallic greys and purples, plus all the tiny buttons that are little more than a dot of color, yet none of the paint is sloppily applied. There are several chains attached to Cy-Gor, all made of real metal.

The only problem I've encountered with the figure has been one of finding an appropriate pose for my beloved monkey; he moves at the neck, shoulders, wrists, and hips, but I can't get both feet to rest flat upon the ground at once, so I've had to resort to creating more of a "stepping forward" pose, with one foot flat and the other balanced on its toes. Despite being posed so, the figure is very sturdy and has never taken a dive off the shelf. The joints all move freely, so while McFarlane Toys aren't typically designed with a child's play in mind, Cy-Gor should be able to survive a visit from tiny relatives. But with no elbows, how will he engage in a monkey's simple pleasures?

Standing almost 8¾" tall and with nine points of articulation, Cy-Gor is a terrific representation of a giant, angry, robot gorilla. With a great look and playability, Cy-Gor's more fun than a stewy carfull of midgets! Hot diggety! Monkeys make everything better.

-- 02/03/02

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