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Spawn series 18: Interlink 6
by yo go re

We draw now to the end of our Interlink 6 reviews, a truly Herculean effort in reviewing six figures that all look basically the same and finding new things to say about each of them. For instance, this self-indulgent introduction, which tells you nothing about the figure we're going to review. When a writer deflects criticism of poor writing by taking the time to point out the poor writing, they call that "hanging a lantern on it." Just saying.

This is LA6, a nicely shaped killing machine. LA6 In fact, he has almost completely human dimensions, save for a pair of shoulder pads that would make an NFL linebacker or a fashionable 1980s woman jealous. The highest point on the figure just reaches the 7 1/4" mark - maybe a little higher, thanks to articulation.

LA6's thighs might pass for human, just clad in futuristic armor, but his shins really prove that this is an automaton. Rather than solid pieces, they're open - basically structures comprised of three pistons in a pyramid formation that connect the knees to the ankles. There are some big, swooping plates on the outside of the shins, but it's still unnaturally airy. Thick tubes run all around, and his metal feet have been designed to look like toes.

Once again, the figure's torso is designed to look like ribs. show some spine What would that accomplish? Yeah, it's a great design for the toy, but what purpose does it serve in kayfabe? The face is drawn and desiccated, with lots of thin, needle-like teeth, and he's wearing a metal helmet. Something that looks like a hot rod's air intake rises up above his head - maybe he burns gas faster than the other bots?

LA6 has one normal arm and one weapon arm. oh, grandpa! Like the thighs, both arms could pass for human, just sheathed in armor. At the wrist, though, his left arm gives way to a skeletal robot hand, while his right turns into a large calibre duble-barreled gun with a translucent blast guard. We mentioned his shoulder pads before, but it's worth nothing again just how monstrous they are. It's not just that they're gargantuan - they also have five sharp prongs cascading out to the sides. You'll poke your eye out!

The prongs are each articulated, gun arm and the whole assembly on each side rotates a bit. LA6 doesn't have any sort of neck joint, but he does have balljointed shoulders, swivel biceps and wrists, a v-crotch, swivel thighs, hinged knees and ankles. It's not bad, but it's not really above average for the time - remember, this was just after McToys had crested the hill and started their long downward slide. LA6's articulation is comparable to the Nitro Riders a few series before.

LA6 will be known as "Battle Unit 001" when he is soon re-released in three different colors as part of the ill-conceived "McFarlane's Cyber Units." He'd be an okay purchase by himself, but not great. In order from best to worst, you want to buy Viral, Guardian or Battle (they're pretty much tied), Infiltrator, Defender and finally Brute. Steer well clear of the Brute. Hell, steer well clear of the entire re-release line, and buy the originals.

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