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Spawn series 18: Interlink 6
by yo go re

You ever try to imagine what kind of world Spawn Series 18, Interlink 6, takes place in? Is it alien? The future? Pure nightmare? Whatever you decide, these are some weird figures. At first glance they look completely like robots; then you look closer, and they seem to have some biological elements; but when you really get in there and examine them, you realize that they're still robotic, just designed to look biological. Why? When they were built, what purpose would that serve?

LL4 LL4 is actually proportioned fairly well - unlike most of his brothers, he doesn't have any wildly oversized parts. Or at least those that he does have are balanced well. The figure is about 8 1/2" tall, though that's mainly because of two big shoulder pads - his head is 1 1/2" lower, including the slight hunch that has his head sticking out the front of his shoulders, rather than sitting on top.

Since he becomes the left leg of the gestalt robot, LL4's feet are a bit oversized, but unlike RL3, they look okay. groin shot They're designed to look like ornate boots, with multiple layers and pieces, rather than a solid, humungous foot. His shins are skinny, but they're encased in large pods that give them bulk. There are simple pads sculpted over the bundles of wiring that form his thighs, but tubes connected to his hips keep the upper legs from looking too thin.

bugface LL4's torso is thin and angular, sloping up to broad shoulders. The tubes that come out of his hips? They attach to a big shell on his spine, which is what keeps the waist from looking too small. The face is hidden behind an opaque helmet - pop that off, and you'll find what looks like a skull with insect eyes. Creepy! There are also these strange things on his back that look like pods but are probably turbine housings or something.

The arms prove why this figure's design works: everything is fairly skinny, but then it's covered by larger outer casings. gun The legs, the trunk, and now the arms all use this asthetic, so the figure looks like one solid design instead of disparate pieces. In addition to the huge shoulder spikes, he's got some wicked weaponry on his forearms - a truly massive spike on the left, and even more massive gun on the right. Damn, bug!

Even LL's articulation is good. He doesn't have any ankles, which is the only real drawback. Balljointed knees? Balljointed hips? Balljointed wrists? Balljointed elbows? Balljointed shoulders? Balljointed waist, for cryin' out loud? Check. It's all here. His head even moves a little bit. Very nice.

In the pending "Cyber Units" re-release, LL4 is Viral Unit 01. The fact that we're four figures into this retro review and this is the first one that is absolutely worth buying by himself should probably tip you off that McFarlane's Cyber Units are going to tank, and tank hard if all the parts that used to make them combine really have been removed. Such a bad idea.

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