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Spawn series 18: Interlink 6
by yo go re

Okay, now this is just weird. So far all the Interlink 6 robots have looked almost human. Despite the oddball designs and out-of-whack proportions, they've managed to at least keep that much under control. But now we've got one that looks partially human, but also partially like a rabbit and somewhat like a cricket. Jigga-wha?!

RA5 RA5 is proportioned decently, other than the fact that he permanently looks like he's shrugging. Sure, there's fat stuff and skinny stuff, but it's spread out appropriately. He's kind of got an hourglass figure. Though his head is only 6 1/2" from his feet, the figure is either 7 1/4" or 9 1/2" tall, depending on how you set him up.

Though the figure has slender little thighs, his shins are huge. Almost bigger than his torso. The feet make him look like he's wearing lifts, because there's a recognizable boot, then another layer below it. heel spurs Two big spikes hang off the back of each heel - this guy must have one hell of a mule kick. He's not a guy you want to stand behind in line at the bank.

The lower part of RA5's torso - zombie Spawn his "stomach," for lack of a better term - is much thinner than his "chest." It's just a bundle of tubes and wires, which makes it seem unlikely that it could support the weight above it. Whoever built this cyborg must have put one hell of a sturdy spine under there. Honestly, though, it's manly the armor on his chest and shoulders that makes him look so big - the shoulder pads, in particular, reach for the sky. His face looks zombiefied, but he has a removable mask that makes him look like a rabbit, complete with 3 1/2" antenna ears.

RA5 has one normal arm and one weapon arm. take that, Ash! After some tubing and a metal shell, his left arm ends in a recognizable, five-fingered hand. His right arm, however, is a wild double chainsaw with a blaster grafted on the inside. The chainsaw has different-length blades, and the shorter outer blade can swing up and down thanks to a small lever. It's a very unusual, but quite interesting, design.

Articulation is above average. Head, shoulders, elboes, wrists, waist, hips, knees, ankles... they're all balljoints. Well, okay, only one wrist - the chainsaw only moves at the blade, not where it joins the arm. The spikes on his heels move, but that doesn't really count. While most of his armor is brassy or a smokey, translucent plastic, his right shin is bright white. How odd.

When RA5 is re-released as part of McFarlane's Cyber Units, he'll be known as Guardian Unit 001. What's with the "001" on all these figures? It's not like there's ever going to be a Guardian Unit 002, let alone a Guardian Unit 837. You want to do candy-coated re-releases, fine, do it: but don't pretend it's something grander than it is.

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