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Spawn series 18: Interlink 6
by yo go re

When it comes to the component parts of Spawn Series 18, Interlink 6, sometimes individual design suffered to make way for the combined form. No, this isn't a case like the Transformers gestalts, where one character would be a huge pair of legs with a head - we're talking subtler problems, like those of RL3.

RL3 The first thing you'll notice about RL3 are his ostrich legs. His knees bend backwards to accommodate his huge, angular feet, but that leaves his torso floating above empty space, and you have to make him lean back a little to stay balanced. He's an even 7" tall, but would probably be closer to 8" if he could stand up straight.

Helping the weird legs look way too big are the huge spiked pods on his shins and his oversized kneepads. His feet are 2 1/2" long, which is longer than even his thighs. He's got these small overlapping plates on his hips, but it's too late - basically, everything below the knee is giant, everything above is not.

evil! RL3 looks somewhat organic, thanks to his pseudo-ribcage. There are wires hanging behind it, and it has the look of machined steel, rather than bone. His head looks like an extended, angular skull, with sharp fangs for teeth and diodes sticking out the back. His greenish yellow eyes sit under a nice metallic brow. He's very animalistic, in general, like a possessed cat that someone put in a battle suit.

wicked arm The figure's shoulders are just as comical as his shins - they're perfect spheres. The hell? His arms are asymmetrical, which is cool: the right arm has talons, two guns and a missile launcher, while the left arm has a clawed hand and a pad on the forearm. He's also got two spiky jetpacks hanging from his shoulders.

IT'S GOT CHICKEN LEGS! Articulation is good enough, but it's certainly not going to win any prizes. He moves at the wrists, elbows (plain swivel joints), shoulders, neck, hips and knees. If you could move those ankles, maybe he wouldn't have to stand like a chicken. The jetpods are poseable, too, depending on which direction you need him to fly.

Interlink 6 is soon going to be re-released as "McFarlane's Cyber Units" and RL3 will be Defender Unit 001. The faults with this figure are excuseable when they're simply sacrifices made so he can combine with the other figures, but when he has to stand by himself? Just a little too goofy to be good.

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