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Spawn series 18: Interlink 6
by yo go re

The impressive thing about Spawn Series 18, Interlink 6, TS2 is that, despite comprising six figures that are all the same size, design and color, the robots manage to look distinctive - it's not six of the same thing. The downside of that? One of the figures has to be the one that looks the worst. In this case, that one is TS2.

TS2 is the big hulk of the group, nearly as wide as he is tall. It makes sense, since he becomes the giant robot's trunk - gotta be bulky when you're supporting five other figures. He's 7 1/2" tall, but his shoulders are about an inch higher than his head. His "feet" are actually just assemblies of seven rocket boosters that raise him a good half inch off into the air. At least he doesn't have little toes hanging down in front of them.

I'm a pretty lady! Much like Zim's Mega Doomer, TS2 has chicken legs - his knees bend backward in an effort to keep this beast balanced. It doesn't work, but it's an effort, at least. The lines on the surface of his shins are a decorative pattern, rather than evidence of construction, so somebody put some tender lovin' into this idiotic thing. His actual knees are very small, and have giant hoses running into them. His short thighs and his codpiece have the same copper look as the things on his shins.

uh, what? Again, the chest is just huge, but it's also just jam-packed with detail. All sorts of wires and tubes run across his mighty torso, and he has a few white panels running up to his huge round shoulders. Really, this guy looks like your stereo equipment - sure, he seems well put together from the front, but look at the back and it's just a mess of wires. His head looks like a skull set into the robot body, and a hose comes from the "mouth" to plug into his stomach.

bring out the big guns Poor TS2 has to rely on friends to help him do anything, because he doesn't have any hands. His right arm is a large calibre rifle, while his left is actually four small gattling guns bundled together. The barrels rotate, and are spring loaded, releasd to spin by a button on the underside of the arm. However, if they're gattling guns, shouldn't each of the four bundles spin in place, not rotate around one another?

TS2 isn't as well articulated as some of the other Series 18 figures - hips, shoulders, elbows and neck (sort of). You can get a nice range of motion out of the arms, but the legs do almost nothing. The big white stripes do make this one of the more colorful Interlink 6 figures, but that's like being declared valedictorian of summer school: the best loser is still a loser.

In the Cyber Units re-release due soon, TS2 is known as Brute Unit 001. The name fits, but is it worth getting the figure? No, not really. As part of the group, yeah, TS2 is indispensible, but by himself, he's just a weak offering.

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