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Masters of the Universe
by yo go re

The original Masters of the Universe figures had some real oddball designs, and some that were definitely more on the "bad" end of the scale. However, there was only one old figure that objectively, unqualifyingly, totally sucked.

Amongst the frightening cyber-organic creations of Hordak lurks the vampiric monster known as Mosquitor! Using his Stinger Rifle, Mosquitor stuns his prey and then slowly sucks the life fluids from their helpless forms while he clutches their weakened bodies in his massive talons! Perhaps the only thing more disturbing than his feeding habits and transparent organs is his eternal silence and emotionless stare!

Hordak was really big on the monsters, wasn't he? Yes, he had a robot army, but every living creature in his employ had crawled out of someone's darkest nightmare. Yes, guys like Trap-Jaw and Tri-Klops are scary, but not on the level of the Evil Horde. Even terrors like Mer-Man and Two-Bad would be the "plain" members of the group if they were on Hordak's side.

We mentioned before that the MotU ministatue line seemed to have a soft spot for oversized figures, and Mosquitor bears that out for Series 6. We get a huge blister card, not because the figure itself is particularly big, but because his accessories and stance require it.

Mosquitor's body is distinctly insectoid - or at least, what passes for insectoid on Eternia. He looks anatomically similar to Buzz-Off, is what I'm saying. His limbs are segmented, and he has chitinous plates on his trunk. His arms are long and his slender fingers end in claws, making him look more like the mosquito that inspired him (oop, secret's out!). He has vestigial arms growing from his sides, and folded appendages on his back that probably would have once held wings (before his species evolved out of them).

There are lots of nods to the original figure, as well. He's wearing gray trunks with a purple belt, and his funky silver boots have red triangles on the front. His shoulders are dark red, for no reason, and he has bright red bands around his biceps. He has a silver-rimmed panel on his chest that shows off his soft, gooey insides - which are much more detailed today. He even has the old pointy red facemask. Wait, facemask? That's thing's not his head?

No, it turns out it isn't - at least, not as the Four Horsemen see it. Looking at the sculpt, you can see he's wearing a red helmet over the black head beneath: there's a distinct separation, even though the mask is glued on. If you pry it off (it's glued at a peg in the forehead), you'll see a fully-sculpted bug head beneath. Without his mask, Mosquitor still has the big white eyes, but no blood-sucking apparatus (despite his visible mandibles). Poor guy. Guess the silver needle on the mask takes the place of his tongue.

Mosquitor has one more feature the old toy didn't: a pair of big storage containers on his back. The tanks have red wings, and blue details, including Hordak's face. Mosquitor's gun connects to the backpack by a tube, suggesting the gun actually drains fluids from its victims - that would certainly explain the reservoir ampule on the weapon. The tanks are even filled with a "liquid" (actually translucent plastic sculpted to look like it has bubbles rising through it). Mosquitor has a peg on his hand that allows him to hold the gun, but don't try to remove it: they're glued together. Unfortunately, the way he holds the weapon means the tip ends up lower than his feet. That, combined with Mosquitor's hunched stance, makes him one of the few MotU ministatues that needs its base to stand.

Each of the Masters of the Universe figure-scale statues comes with a hexagonal display base. Actually, they all come with the same display base: a generic technological thing that's color-coded to the character's allegiance. The Evil Horde poses on a maroon base - the same general color as Hordak's symbol. Neat!

Thanks to his backpack, Mosquitor is more than 7" tall, and his nose makes him more than 5" deep. The figure itself may not be bigger than average, but his add-ons mean he'll require a lot of room. The figure is a wonderful update, and even if he is dependant on his base for stability, he looks terrifically creepy. Yes, a real action figure would have been preferable, but this ministatue is better than the alternative.


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