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Adventure Kermit

The Muppets
by yo go re

Even though Beaker arrived late, Muppet fans didn't have to leave Palisades' SDCC booth empty-handed. They could buy the 2004 "Tour" figure, the exclusive that was available at all the big shows. In 2003, they offered Tour Animal. In 2004, it was Adventure Kermit.

Adventure Kermit Long before the Jim Henson Company became a Disney subsidiary, the Muppets were already shilling for the Mouse on a TV special, The Muppets at Walt Disney World. One segment of the show had Kermit dressing up in a leather jacket and a fedora to rescue Miss Piggy at the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. Not since Gonzo slipped on a black vest to play Gon Zolo has Harrison Ford had such a close brush with the Muppets.

Of course, just like Super Beaker "isn't" the Rocketeer, this "isn't" Indiana Jones. This is Adventure Kermit. Adventure Kermit and the Temple of Doom, Adventure Kermit and the Last Crusade, Young Adventure Kermit Chronicles and so forth. Adventure Kermit.

This makes me feel like a MAN! If you're making an Indiana Jones Adventure Kermit figure, you've gotta get the clothes right. Finally eschewing his usual naked state, Kermie put on some pants. And a shirt. And a jacket, hat, belt and all the other sundry bits of material that protect our delicate sensibilities. But no shoes - Adventure Kermit is proud of his flippers, and doesn't mind going barefoot.

It's time for 'date night' with Piggy. The sculpt gives plenty of detail to all the clothes - the pants are wrinkled and baggy, the shirt is buttoned up and the leather jacket looks like real leather. The beaten-up old fedora is magnetic, like most of Palisades' Muppets' hats, so it sticks on his head better just like it does on Indy's - but without the double-sided tape.

The Golden Gonzo Clothes may make the man, but they're not the finish line for action figures, so Kermit's got enough accessories to fill an Ark. There's the hat, of course, and his whip. The whip can be coiled at his waist or held in his hand. For times when a whip's not enough, you can give him the included pistol. A gun-wielding Kermit! It's great! The pistol fits perfectly in his hand or in the holster on his hip. Even the satchel that hangs over his shoulder looks like soft, worn leather.

Indy, is that you? Finally, there's a reproduction of Indy's famous golden idol, though Kermit's version, instead of being a little Peruvian fertility symbol, is actually Gonzo, grinning at us beneath his golden nose. Ew. The idol is just an inch high, in perfect scale with the figure. You can hook the idol on Kermit's left hand to make him "hold" it.

Adventure Kermit is 5" tall and moves at the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, waist, hips and knees. Since Kermit is such a scrawny guy, Palisades couldn't really load the original figure up on motion, but since his clothes provide a bit of extra bulk, he can now support the joints.

This may not be an official Indiana Jones figure, but that's okay; the intent is clear. Even the little bio on the back of Kermit's box lists his "likes" as "Laws allowing for parody, Legendary film producers & directors with a sense of humor." Whether or not you've ever seen the TV special that birthed him, Adventure Kermit is a fine figure.

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