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Fozzie Bear

The Muppet Show
by yo go re

Hiya hiya hiya! Did you hear the one about the guy with a lightbulb in his nose? He was light-headed! Wocka wocka wocka!

It's been 25 years since The Muppet Show first graced television screens across the country, which means that the generation raised on talking socks now has disposable income and fuzzy memories of its childhood. In swoops Palisades Toys to alleviate both of those problems!

Palisades' second series of Muppet figures includes Fozzie, the Great Gonzo, Crazy Harry, Floyd Pepper, and a deluxe drumset with Animal.

Fozzie looks, from head to toe, just like the Muppet you remember. In the first series, Palisades made the decision (or rather, the decision was handed down to them) to make Piggy thinner; rather than the portly porcine we all knew and loved, she was one svelt swine. Fozzie, however, is the same pear-shaped bear shape you expect.

Palisades has really delivered with these figures' likenesses. It's not just that little plastic Fozzie has the same design as the real thing; they also sculpted all the fur that covers Fozzie's ursine form. He's got that big wild grin, plastic eyes, and big round ears. There's a magnet in the top of his head, as well as one in his hat; thus, the accessory stays on without being a permanent fixture or having a peg that holds it in place.

Fozzie has a nice two-tone paint scheme that really accentuates his fur - a darker orange wash makes the light tan surface stand out. His polka-dotted scarf is, inexplicably, molded from pink plastic painted white. His eyelids are two-toned, and there's no paint spillage anywhere.

Fozzie comes with a Muppet Show logo base (although he stands fine on his own, and the pegs on the base are a little too close together) as well as a rubber chicken, Groucho glasses and an adjustable mic stand. There are also two variant Fozzies just back from vacation (yes, two - they wear different shirts) and one who's been sprayed with invisible paint.

For any fans of the Muppets, this is a great toy. I can't wait until Statler and Waldorf are released, so they can sit in their balcony and heckle Fozzie's terrible act. Until then, he roams free and wild.

-- 12/05/02

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