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Queen Urkzaa

Mythic Legions
by yo go re

Yaaaaas kween!

Orcs have long been loyal soldiers in the Legion of Arethyr, and it is their masses that make up the heart of Gorgo Aetherblade's dark army. When Queen Urkzaa assumed her rule of the Orc Nation she immediately realized that allegiance to Arethyr was essential to her people's survival. As the brutal Orc General Urzokk rose to power at Gorgo's side, Urkzaa's power has diminished. But with a growing army of Orcs dissatisfied with their attachment to Arethyr, Urkzaa is quietly assembling her own legion bent on reclaiming command of its own destiny.

Ooh, political intrigue: it's not just for knights and lions any more! We asked for something more than plain dumb orcs, and whatdya know, the story delivers a dose of that! So this time, we're going to ask that every figure come with a $20 bill folded up inside the packaging. We believe in you, Four Horsemen! We know you can do it!

There's still a little bit of the "savage warrior" thing going on, because Queen Urkzaa is mostly naked. Apparently her only weak spots are her wrists, shins, waist, and breasts, because those are the only parts of her body she's felt the need to cover with armor. Try to stab her in the stomach? Try to slice her leg? Your sword will simply break, it will! The armor's style is rough and sharp, matching the orcs from the first series.

Also matching the male orcs? The dental work: she has a big pair of fangs poking up from her lower jaw. Yes, just like a Warcraft orc. There's definitely a bit of sexual dimorphism going on here (though not this much), because her fangs are smaller than the males', and so are her ears - they're still large and pointy, but not as large.

Her hair is weird, which may be a purposeful choice - she's not human, so why should her hair look what we consider "natural"? It seems the idea was that it would be collected into braids or dreadlocks or something, but the way they're bundled at the back makes them look more like long black feathers or something? Even the skeleton's hair looks more like hair than this does.

Because she's a queen, Urkzaa wears a crown. And because she's the queen of the orcs, that "crown" is actually the skull of some creature. It's larger than a humanoid skull would be in this line's scale (they list it as 6", but it's honestly closer to a 6¾" scale, like MotU Classics - bigger than a True 6" scale like DC Icons or Movie Masters, bigger than the Inflated 6" scale of Marvel Legends or DC Multiverse, but smaller than NECA's 7" lines), and has bony spikes poking out of the eyebrown ridges, so it must have been one heck of a monster when it was alive. No wonder the regent would proudly wear this trophy!

The Series 2 Mythic Legions figures have a balljointed head and torso; swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and feet; and a swivel waist, thighs, forearms, and ankles. That's pretty much the same as the first series, but you know what isn't? Her accessories! While all the Series 1 figures drew from the same plain pool, Urkzaa gets a little extra. From the Series 1 Weapons Packs, we get the scimitar-ish "orc sword," and the super-wicked "bone sword," both of which suit the character well. We also get the usual spear and weapon strap, plus this series' new wing-mount backpacks.

It's pretty cool that the crazy, warlike orcs are a matriarchal society. But then again, *tells a joke that would have been considered sexist even in the heyday of 1980s comedy clubs*, am I right, fellas? Yeah, you know what I'm talking 'bout! Woo! *gets stabbed by an angry orc queen*

-- 12/08/18

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