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by yo go re

Gremlins 2 is a movie with a moral, and that moral is: you should always pay attention to your significant other's hobbies.

When, through a series of Rube Goldberg-like contrivances, the friendly Mogwai named Gizmo ended up getting doused with water, he of course immediately erupted with tiny balls of fur that swiftly grew to Mogwais themselves. While most of them popped off normally, one went rocketing around the room, bouncing off walls and tables like a Super Ball, eventually splatting against a wall and unfurling into this wild-eyed little monster.

Anyway, while the rest of the new batch drag Gizmo away and lock him in a heating vent, Daffy stays behind to climb a skyscraper and play with the toy airplanes that are hung above it, and that's where Kate finds him. She'd been sent by Billy to collect Gizmo, but mistook Daffy for him. If she'd been more informed about her boyfriend's interests (in this case, being able to recognize his pet), perhaps they could have stopped things before they got out of control.

Daffy uses the same mogwai body as the rest of the little guys, which is fine: it's got a good level of detail in all that sculpted fur, and it's not like anyone would notice changes in the fur anyway. Why go overboard in ways that won't actually matter, when the paint will be sufficient? Just like Gizmo, he's brown and white, but his brown is a brighter shade, with more red in it. He's also got large black patches scattered about, adding to his patchwork look. His coloration is less symmetrical than Gizmo's, as well - it's a visual clue to his unbalanced mind, and makes him look worse to audiences.

In addition to all that, Daf has more "hair" than Gizmo, too: the fur on his chin and cheeks is thicker and bushier, and he has a floppy pompadour that eventually became the spines on the head of his adult form. His eyes, open wide an unencumbered by lids the way George and Lenny's are, are orange and yellow.

As with the other mogwais, Daffy's eyes are articulated - move the knob hidden on the back of his head and his eyes roll all around. While you can find positions that will have the pupils pointing the at same place, it's much more common that they'll be off in different directions. But hey, one of Daffy's features in the film was that his eyes rolled wildly, so that works just fine! He also laughed like Salacious Crumb, because he was voiced by the same guy - Mark Dodson.

Daffy's hips are swivel/hinge joints, set deep into the body. The wrists are plain swivels, but the elbows and shoulders are balljoints (concealed by overlapping layers of fur, so he mostly looks seamless). The neck is balljoined, and so are the ears. Daffy comes with no accessories, unless you count the tab that fits in the back of his head to keep the eyes still.

It's taken longer than expected for Series 2 of the Mogwais to reach stores, but they're getting out now, and it's a nice assortment. NECA has plans for a third set, with Stripe, Sad Gizmo, and a generic mogwai, but we'll be honest: those are less appealing to us than more crazy costumed Gremlins.

-- 10/11/12

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