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Web-Slinging Heroines

Spider-Man Legends
by yo go re

At last, a little arachno-parity!

These fierce females fight for justice with quick reflexes, super strength, and classic web-slinging action.

Do they? Well, Silk might, but this is Ashley Barton, who was introduced in the "Old Man Logan" storyline. She's the offspring of Hawkeye and Spider-Man's daughter Tonya (huh? who?), and was most commonly referred to by fans as "Spider-Bitch" (not a name she called herself, but an insult lobbed at her by a prison guard). Her first action after her father rescued her from prison was to grab a guard's shotgun and swing it hard enough to decapitate the Kingpin. She then attacked her father, because she wasn't there to free the people in Kingpin's territory, but to take it over and rule it herself. So as far as "fighting for justice"? She only fights for herself. She did eventually join the good guys in Spider-Verse, but that was more out of self-preservation than heroism.

It's never revealed who Ashley's grandmother is, but she must have been blacker than the ace of spades for her genes to outlast the overbearing whiteness of both Peter Parker and Clint Barton. Ashley's a black woman (or, as Archer would tactlessly put it, a "quadroon"), predating the creation of Miles Morales by several years. We can tell, because unlike some Spider-Girls, Ashley doesn't wear a full-body costume: while she still wears a feminized version of the classic costume - lower belt, taller boots and gloves, a spider symbol designed to frame her breasts - it also leaves her shoulders bare and only covers her eyes. She's not concerned with hiding her identity, she's just trying to get on-brand.

Ashley's hair is short and straight, parted on the right and falling down over her forehead slightly. The white eyes of her mask are no larger than eyes would normally be, and though they did sculpt (and paint) her earrings, they didn't do the S-shaped nose ring she wore. Maybe she just took it out? Her expression is rather neutral, neither happy nor angry.

Spider-Girl is built on the medium female body, because she was an adult and not a teenager when we met her. That means she has all the attendant articulation, including a balljointed head, hinged neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and wrists, a torso with the range of a balljoint, balljointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, and swivel/hinge ankles that act like rocker joints, especially since her feet are flat and not heels. This isn't quite Spider-Man levels of flexibility, but it's good. Sadly, she does not come with a shotgun to murder people with, but you have to think that's the reason Hasbro gave her a "gripping" right hand instead of a second fist.

Since she has no accessories, Spider-Girl comes with the largest piece of this series' Build-A-Figure, Venom's humongous chest. Black, white stripes, lots of muscles... you know the drill.

The "Web-Slinging Heroines" are both unlikely to receive action figures - Spider-Girl because she's so old, Silk because she's so new - but getting more cool female figures is always welcome (even if it makes us miss Artemis).

-- 12/12/16

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