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Green Goblin

Spider-Man Legends
by yo go re

Like Superman, the Joker, or the American Constitution, one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies is a rich guy with mental problems.

A cackling menace aided by advanced technology, Green Goblin seeks to destroy Spider-Man in the pursuit of ultimate power.

Why is that, excactly? If what he's after is ultimate power, what does Spider-Man have to do with any of it? Spider-Man barely ever leaves his own borough, let alone New York City as a whole; Norman Osborn could move to fricking Flagstaff and pursue his power without any Spider-interference at all. See, kids, this is why you don't fixate on an enemy: it takes away from your actual goals, and always leads to you losing. Doctor Octopus had it right. Want to prove you're superior to someone? Don't bother tearing them down, just go out and do your thing and be better than them at it. But hey, nobody ever said Norman's not crazy obsessive. And just crazy.

We probably should have guessed this figure was coming when we got Hobgoblin in the last series - below the neck, it's the same toy. (Which does make sense, since Hobgoblin's original costume was just a Green Goblin suit he dyed.) The scale-mail body suit is molded with crisp details, contrasting nicely with the slightly baggy shirt and the wrinkled gloves and boots. His belt is a separate piece that sits on his waist, and it's not the same mold Hobby wore: this one came from Daredevil.

The head is entirely new. Based on the artwork of Giuseppe Camuncoli, this sinister face features sunken yellow eyes with small red pupils, a smile too large to be human, a hooked nose and bulbous chin, and ears so large and pointy that they almost meet behind his head. He wears his traditional purple cap, with untied chinstraps flapping next to his face.

Considering that the last time there was a 6" Green Goblin, it had a variant featuring an unmasked Norman Osborn, we're deeply disappointed Hasbro didn't throw something similar in with this release, especially since the rest of the figure is already allowing them to save money on tooling.

Green Goblin's accessories are exactly what you'd expect: a magenta satchel around his chest, an orange pumpkin bomb with green flames, and a small goblin glider. A glider which, surprisingly, is not the same mold as Hobgoblin's! Nice work, Hasbro! I mean, that's the way it should be, but you don't necessarily expect them to do it right. He's got all the good articulation, meaning he looks pretty awesome crouching on the glider, and there's a hole in his back in case you own any display stands to make him hover. And this is the first time that pumpkin bomb has been painted, rather than translucent, so now we can finally see the details clearly.

The BAF for this series is Sandman, and Green Goblin gets the head. Heads. There are two of them: one plain, one... less so. If only they were smaller, we'd be able to use one of them as Norman (since both guys have the same silly haircut).

Even if you've been collecting action figures long enough to have the ToyBiz ML Green Goblin, it's worth getting this one. He may not have an unmasked head, but everything else about him is an upgrade.

-- 04/24/17

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