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Silver Sable

Spider-Man Legends
by yo go re

Boy, between this figure and Black Cat, is the theme of this series "failed Sony spin-off movies"?

Fearless mercenary Silver Sablinova makes her mark as a skilled martial artist and lethal sharpshooter.

Silver Sable hails from the Central European country of Symkaria, possibly the only country in the world that has friendly relations with Latveria - fortunate, since they share a border. Every year, Silver (yes, that's her real name) and Dr. Doom have a pleasant diner together, during which she tries to convince him to give up evil, and he pledges not to invade her country. Diplomacy! Also, her mercenary work fuels the majority of Symkaria's GDP, with her team, the Wild Pack, hunting down war criminals and retrieving stolen property for anyone who will pay the bills.

Come to think of it, being that she's from that general Banat/Balkan area, Silver probably has a sexy Natasha Fatale accent, doesn't she? So she hunts down Nazis, Hydra agents, and also møøze and skvirrel. The face is sculpted with a wonderfully determined expression, and between that and the headband holding back her hair, we may not be seeing this repainted into anyone else any time soon.

The figure is made on the slender body, with all the simple costume details painted on - the boots, the bands around her biceps, and the angular symbol on her front. For the fancier parts, she gets Marvel Girl's forearms, because those are the only ones wearing gloves like this, while Lady Deadpool lends all her tactical gear: the utility belt, the pouches on the thighs, and Domino's reused shoulder holster dealie.

And speaking of Domino, guess whose guns Silver Sable is carrying! That's right, Casual Deadpool's! The guns are cast in a metallic grey color, much darker than the two silvers used for her costume. Since she has no super powers, just athletic ability and military training, these are exactly what she needed.

Like her fellow film-reject, this figure comes with one of Kingpin's arms. The left.

Silver Sable is precisely the kind of character who desperately needed a Marvel Legend. Discounting the Minimate, she's only ever had one action figure before, and that was in 1998: it was short even by the standards of the line it was in, had minimal articulation, and - perhaps worst of all - was chromed. No thank you! This version is terrific, and finally puts a classic Spider-Man character into fans' hands.

-- 04/17/19

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