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White Rabbit

Spider-Man Legends
by yo go re

Today is Friday the 13th, so why don't we offset that for you with a lucky rabbit's foot?

A brilliant woman with a twisted mind, Dr. Lorina Dodson is the deranged queen of crime, The White Rabbit.

"The queen of crime" is a title she gave herself, by the way. Also the Mistress of Mayhem. White Rabbit is basically what you'd get if Harley Quinn had been obsessed with Mad Hatter instead of the Joker. Born to an upper-class family, she was isolated as a child for her "protection," and found refuge in books. (You can probably guess what one of them was.) By age 25, she was married to an octogenarian billionaire, and by age 26, she was a widower using her inherited fortune to seek out a life of danger and thrills. But while she's no dummy, this toy is the first time she's ever been referred to by the title "Doctor." Is Hasbro allowed to just declare new canon like that? They were with Star Wars, but that was before Disney.

White Rabbit's lower torso is a new mold, because no one has yet dressed like a Playboy Bunny - not even Emma Frost. She's got a molded corset (using Typhoid Mary's top), with a large watch on a golden chain at her waist. Seriously, that thing would be about the size of a softball in her hands. The coat is another re-use of Scarlet Witch's, but it fits her differently, with the tails overlapping a bit in the back instead of being split. There should be a pink carnation on her lapel, but she was already getting a lot of new sculpts. She's got furry boots, which are actually rocket-powered and allow her to fly - you know, like a rabbit. And there's a pink bowtie around her neck, because Lorina's classy.

Though her facepaint has gone through a few variations over the years, this matches her first appearance in Marvel Team-Up #131: all-white face, pink nose, thin black whiskers. Her strawberry-blonde hair is blowing around like she's in a shampoo commercial. Her bunny ears stick up out of her hair, with the right ear folding over cutely.

The articulation is standard: balljointed head, hinged neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and wrists, balljointed chest and hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel shins, and swivel/hinge ankles. In the package, she's actually been posed tipping slightly to the side, a traditionally feminine pose for a performatively feminine girl (though not nearly as much so as DC Comics' White Rabbit, who manages to look extra trashy for seemingly no reason). The coat limits the movement just slightly - her chest joint is stiff, and you've got to reach up under the jacket to get the leverage to move it around. (Results may vary.)

White Rabbit uses a variety of appropriately leporine gear: she drives the Bunnymobile, she's got a rabbit-shaped zeppelin called the Flying Hare, she carries exploding throwing-knife carrots, she once fought Deadpool with genetically engineered super-virus bunnies... you get the idea. This figure comes with her machine gun umbrella (not to be confused with her razor-tipped umbrella), and it even features a small removable muzzle flash that fits onto the tip (which is sculpted to resemble a real gun's)! So neat!

The Build-A-Figure for this series is a new version of Demogoblin, and White Rabbit has his fiery glider, meaning she's worth getting even if you don't want the whole BAF.

Fans were shocked when White Rabbit was announced as a Marvel Legend, with the main reactions being "who?" and "why?", but why wouldn't you want this Spidey villaim? She wears a simple costume, she uses themed weaponry, she pulls themed crimes... she's a silly throwback villain in the same way Squirrel Girl is a silly throwback hero, and she deserves just as much love.

-- 03/13/20

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