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Locutus of Borg

Star Trek: The Next Generation
by yo go re

One of the (many) advantages Star Trek: The Next Generation enjoys over its original predecessor is its willingness to put its characters through the wringer. What's the worst that ever happened on the original series? Spock got high on spores? McCoy allowed the Nazis to conquer the world? Ooooh, Kirk ripped his shirt a little? Pah! Picard did that when he went to El-Adrel IV. He also got tortured by Cardassians, stabbed in the heart in a bar fight and perpetually molested by Q. Locutus of Borg Perhaps worst of all, he was forced to join the Federation's fiercest foes and lead an assault on Earth. Certainly beats catching VD from a green chick.

During their mission to assimilate Earth, the Borg decided that a human voice was necessary to facilitate their introduction into human society. Captain Jean-Luc Picard was chosen to be that voice. Despite Picard's insistence that he would resist the Borg with his last ounce of strength, that resistance proved futile and he was assimilated into the Borg Collective. He became one with the hive mind; he had the Borg's cybernetic devices implanted throughout his body and was dubbed Locutus of Borg.

Diamond Select Toys' approach to the Star Trek line is similar to their Buffy plan: release two figures at a time, with tons of retailer-exclusive variations. It's kind of a pain in the butt, but it makes sense. The newest series features Deanna Troi and Jean-Luc Picard, which is why Previews had this exclusive Locutus.

we could use some more detail, here Though they looked fairly impressive onscreen (when we first met them, at least), the Borg costumes were actually pretty bland. A bunch of circuit boards hot-glued to a black sweater. So while the sculpt could have been more detailed, it wouldn't have been accurate to the show. As it stands, his Borgy bits are on the smooth side. There is a lot of detail, it's just of a different sort than you might expect. The lump of tech on his head is home to most of the small, intricate work.

The likeness isn't quite accurate. he looks pretty happy about what's happened to him And when I say that, I'm talking in only the most fanboyish, nit-pickiest sense. No, this doesn't look like an exact replica of Patrick Stewart's head, somehow hewn from his shoulders and shrunk to a mere inch high. However, you can tell who it's supposed to be, and it's an improvement over Art Asylum's first Picard. The Locutus make-up changed a bit during its two-episode appearance; this is the version that doesn't come across his forehead and down his nose, so you can see more Picard face.

Locutus is 7½" tall and moves at the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. hand tools That's a decent amount, but it could be better. The shoulders are balljoints, so they have a good range of motion; the neck is a balljoint too, but it doesn't move nearly as well. The hips, plain swivel joints, are particularly egregious: DST really needs to start using those post-balljoint hips that Mattel has appropriated for the DC Superheroes. There's an extra joint in Locutus' right forearm, because he has interchangeable hands. Pop his human mitt off, and you can replace it with the ridiculously-oversized claw arm - you have to love any prop that is so obviously designed to fit over an actor's hand.

The paint isn't the flashiest thing in the world, prepare to be accommodated but it's not as bland as it may look at first glance, either. There are several different tones of grey for the metal and the bodysuit beneath, and the fleshtone is pasty yellow. He has black wires plugged in all over the place, and just a bit of silver on the alternate hand. Overall, Locutus appears somewhat drab - which is perfect for the faceless collective of the Borg.

As far as variations go, Locutus of Borg is much better than a simple uniform change. While the diehard Trekkies may obsess over the minor details, anyone can see the difference between Locutus and Picard. The detail may not be as insanely complex as it was on the Borg: Assimilation figures, but it's true to the source. You think He Who Has Spoken is too plain? Take it up with Paramount. Buy Locutus and he'll swiftly conquer your other Trek figures.

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