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AT-RT Assault Squad

SWIII: Revenge of the Sith
by yo go re

Though their Star Wars Battle Packs started out as just five figures in a box (or four figures and a sizeable accessory), Hasbro has really started pushing the boundaries of what a battle pack can be.

Agile and lightweight, AT-RT walkers can move through challenging terrain to scout out the enemy's presence. another day, another boring patrol The walkers are also used to patrol borders, giving their clone trooper drivers more mobility and better visibility than they would have on a foot patrol. AT-RT walkers are deployed during the Battle of Kashyyyk against the droid armies that attempt to take control of the jungle homeworld of the Wookiees.

Target really got into the Star Wars exclusives at the end of 2007, with at least seven sets that seemed to come out at once. This particular set offered two Clone Troopers, a Clone Commander and two motorized vehicles for $30 - making it one of the better values.

AT-RT Driver These clone troopers are specially-trained to ride AT-RT walkers and are outfitted with armor and helmets designating them as drivers. AT-RT drivers are part of the 41st Elite Corps that is sent to Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars.

The AT-RT Drivers in this set are repaints of the individually carded AT-RT Driver, which is a good choice: there are two previous AT-RT Drivers, and the solo-carded one has much better articulation, with balljointed ankles, balljointed knees, peg hips, peg waist, peg wrists, balljointed elbows, balljointed shoulders and a true balljoint head. The original figure had a removable chest plate that this figure lacks, but would anyone really miss that?

The drivers' armor is green and brown, the better to blend into the scenery why does he need a gun this size? on Kashyyyk - and honestly, it looks much nicer than the original's color scheme. The helmet looks like an early prototype of a Biker Scout's brain bucket, with a visor above the eyes and a thin, forward pointing "mouth." There's a small antenna over the left ear, and the eyes are green. The AT-RT Drivers are both armed with a heavy blaster that slings over their shoulder, so it's not in the way when they're living up to their name. You know, driving an AT-RT?

All Terrain Recon Transport walkers are used for patrol and reconaissance by the Grand Army of the Republic. Clone troopers receive special training to operate these bipedal, AT-RT one-man walkers, which are armed with a repeating blaster cannon and a mortar launcher.

There was supposedly an AT-RT vehicle released along with the Revenge of the Sith toys, but I surely never saw one. Sort of a baby brother to the AT-ST "chicken walker," the AT-RT seats one clone - of course, it also leaves him completely exposed, which makes him a perfect target for snipers. Better hope that armor is up to code, Clony.

The AT-RT is 6¾" tall, plus a little extra for the antennae on the back. The cannon on the front is a true balljoint, and there're plenty of sculpted detail on the body of the walker, and the driver can perch comfortably in the seat. The $15 2005 release was mostly gray, with muddy feet, while both the AT-RTs in this set have been given unique green camo patterns. Yes, they're even different from each other.

The legs on the vehicle aren't very poseable, because Hasbro gave it a battery-operated "walking" feature: flip the switch on the bottom and it sort of shambles in vaguely forwardish direction. Truthfully, articulated legs would have been preferable, if only for one of the vehicles in this set. But then, that would require some retooling, and add to the cost of the set. Heck, if only you could move the mechanical joints when the power was off, that might be good enough - right now, if you want it to stand up, you have to switch it off at just the right time.

Commander Nemo Commanders in the clone army are bred for leadership positions with more capability for the independent thought required for decision making. Clone commanders assist the Jedi Generals on missions during the Clone Wars.

Disproving the claim that every Star Wars character has a name and deeply involved personal history, the Clone Commander in this set is nobody. We know that fanboy-favorite Gree was stationed on Kashyyyk, but this definitely isn't Gree. Of course, it's not like there was only one Commander per planet, so Nobody's inclusion in this set isn't a continuity mistake, either. You just didn't see him in the film because of his nifty camouflage armor. Commander Nobody is armed with an overly chunky DC-15A blaster rifle, which fires a red missile.

The figure is a repaint of Commander Bacara, thanks for nothing, stupid clone which isn't exactly good news: much as I love Clone Troopers in non-standard armors, that's a mold that I've managed to avoid so far, mainly because of its generally terrible nature. Commander Nobody has a "quick-draw attack" that ruins most of his joints: squeeze his legs and he raises both arms. Sure, it doesn't sound too bad, but it means he has no knees, no waist, and for some reason, his left shoulder and elbows are plain swivels. What the hell? Theoretically, you could put his skirt, shoulder pad and helmet on a better body, but this one is annoying.

The AT-RT Assault Squad Battle Pack is definitely a good buy: the walkers are decent, but not great, and though Commander Nobody uses a disappointing mold, the Drivers are excellent. Like most Target exclusives, this set seemed to sell out in about a day, but if you can find it at a decent price, it's worth adding to your Clone Army.


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