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SWVI: Return of the Jedi
by yo go re

You know how there are some Star Wars fans who get confused about which one is Zuckuss and which one is 4-LOM? Apparently the same thing happens with Ewoks.

In 1984, Kenner released a toy of a little gray Ewok named Lumat. His picture was on the card and everything, so you'd think it would be easy to identify him, right? Well, in 1999, Decipher released Endor Limited, an expansion for their popular Star Wars CCG. One of the cards was named Lumat, but had a picture of a different Ewok on it - Graak. Graak is a dark Ewok with light stripes, and thus looks nothing like Lumat. But some fans take the mistake on the card as canon, and so consider Graak Lumat instead of Lumat.

Dude, being a nerd is confusing!

This figure, #104 in The Vintage Collection, uses the same body as Vintage Collection Logray, but since that one was painted with two-tone tan stripes, they don't look at all alike. He does get an all-new head though, and that's what matters. The sculpt is a perfect match to the photo on the card, so no more confusion about who's who, huh?

The figure stands 2½" tall, which is a good size for an Ewok, but the proportions seem a little bit off. Like, the legs should be just a little longer or something. It doesn't look bad, by any means - as an Ewok body, it's perfectly fine! We just mean that in comparing it 1:1 with the photo on the card (which might be the only clear picture of Lumat we have) there are some things that don't quite line up with 100% accuracy. The hood also matches the photo surprisingly well, considering that it's a re-use: Flitchee was wearing it before.

Since this is part of the black-carded Vintage Collection, it has really good articulation. Certainly as much articulation as you can pack into a realistic toy of this size! He has a balljointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles, and swivel wrists and waist. The hips may look like a V-crotch, but trust us, they have a full range of motion.

While the hood is reused, all Lumat's weapons are new. There's a spear that's nearly 3" long, and sculpted to look like a spear with ropes wrapped around it. Like the vintage Lumat, he's got a bow and some arrows in the quiver slung on his hip. Unlike the vintage Lumat, the bow is incredibly detailed, and the arrows can be removed from the quiver. Impressive! And thanks to all the articulation, you can even fake a decent archery pose for him.

Lumat was the last Return of the Jedi figure released in the vintage line (because soon after he came out, the name of the line changed to Power of the Force). He doesn't do anything particularly interesting in the film - he's just one of the hordes of generic Ewoks runnin' around doin' stuff - but he's canonically the father of Nippet, so that's something, at least. This is a good toy, but had the unfortunate luck to be part of the cancelled final series, meaning he'd never make it to stores, and you'll always be paying a premium to get him.

-- 07/20/14

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