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Spuda Fett

Star Wars
by yo go re

It's nearly impossible to be a completist on any Hasbro line these days, what with the mailaways, limited runs and store exclusives. But at least when you're after a Target exclusive or something, you don't have to pay a fee just to get in the door.

Following the success of Darth Tater, the Spudtrooper and RTuber-DTuber, Hasbro decided to expand their assortment of Star Wars-themed Potato Heads. Unfortunately, the five new figures were only available at Disney themeparks, so you have to factor the gate ticket price in the cost of the figure. And you thought paying for the gas to go to Wal*Mart was bad!

If you're going to do any sort of Star Wars merchandising, it's probably going to include Boba Fett. He's way too popular to ignore, so of course he's part of the new harvest. It was hard to tell from the first photos, but yes, this is a full-sized body, not a minifigure or anything - the perfect size for standing next to Darth Tater and arguing over the relative monetary value of Yam Solo's body. "What if he doesn't survive? He's no good to me mashed."

It's the accessories and bodyparts that make these Star Wars Potato Heads unique, and Spuda Fett is no exception. His classic shoes are molded in a desaturated seafoam green, and his arms are a bit lighter. He has yellow shoulder pads, and red gauntlets that are actually sculpted with surprisingly detailed missiles. Even the grey bands on his knuckles are raised elements.

Spuda's helmet is the familiar Mandalorian design, with one big difference: there's a hole in the front to let the standard Mr. Potato Head eyes to poke through. The helmet still has the black T-slit in the front, the eyes just bulge out from within it. Actually makes him look less threatening, you know? The piece is molded green, but painted with all the colors needed to bring it to life - red around the visor, yellow stripes on the left brow, dark green near the neck and silver "scrapes" on the front. There are even a few bits of battle damage that are actually indented on the sculpt.

Part of the "Fett look" is the rocket pack he uses to fly around. Spuda's pack is molded in the same green as the helmet, then molded with grey, brown and silver. The design has been simplified, but it's still very accurate. The rocket is a separate piece, but it's plugged in place securely, so don't plan on shooting it at any of your other toys. The backpack plugs into the rear of the helmet, since a Potato Head body doesn't have any available holes back there.

Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, the figure includes his gun. A gun? Really? With a kid's toy sold at the Most Bowdlerized Place on Earth? Unthinkable! Even the Spudtrooper only had a suped-up "masher," not a real gun. This, however, is an accurately re-created EE-3 Carbine rifle, Fett's classic weapon. The sculpt is so accurate, in fact, you can even make out the WWII flare gun the prop department built the gun around. Spuda Fett can "hold" the gun in his right hand, sort of: there's a bump on his thumb that looks as though it's meant to help hold the accessory in place (and even a matching divot on the pistol grip), but the two don't actually seem to accomplish anything. If you fiddle around, you'll find a way to make the gun mostly secure, but it won't be perfect.

Spuda Fett is just as much fun as the other Star Wars Potato Heads, which is why it's such a shame he's only available at Disney parks: you can't even order these online, or find them at the Disney Stores in the mall. The retail cost is around $12, which is a bit high (come on, have you ever been in an amusement park giftshop that wasn't overpriced?), but if you know someone who's taking a Disney vacation, it's worth asking them to pick one up for you.


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