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Star Wars
by yo go re

When Hasbro combined two of its biggest moneymakers - Star Wars & Mr. Potato Head - to create the inimitable Darth Tater, even they couldn't have predicted how popular he would become. With tons of mainstream exposure from news outlets worldwide, Darth Tater was the newest hipster "must-have" item, earning a spot next to Hulk Hands in dorm rooms, homes and office cubicles everywhere.

Aren't you a little short to be a Spudtrooper? Never ones to let a money-making opportunity slip by, Hasbro started looking for more ways to milk this idea. The first soldier to join the ranks was the white-suited Spudtrooper.

Equipped with a laser masher and spud armor to save their skins, the mighty Spudtroopers have sworn their allegience to Darth Tater. Now the Rebel Alliance must flee to keep from getting fried!

The Spudtrooper's body is the same generic plastic potato Hasbro has been using since the early '70s, so it's the one you'll likely recognize. What makes him different is the selection of body parts that comes with him. The standard MrPH shoes What? No! My name is Luke Skytater, I'm here to rescue you! have been molded from white plastic, though you can still see the shoelaces. His arms are sculpted to look like the Stormtrooper's plastic armor, and portions where the uniform underneath would be visible have been painted black. His helmet is a two-piecer: the face mask plugs into his nose hole, while the actual helmet fits down over his head. He just looks so cute when he's all dressed up!

In case you don't just want this to be a Stormtrooper, he's got a few normal parts, as well. You can see his eyes through his mask, but he's also got the standard bulbous red nose, toothy grin and a pair of pink ears. That's really not a lot of extras, but if you want to deck him out, there are accessory packs available that will fit him perfectly.

Unlike Darth Tater, mashy-mashy! whose lightsaber was a molded part of his arm, the Spudtrooper's weapon is removable. He comes with a "laser masher," which really is a blend between a blaster rifle and an old style potato masher. It's cast in translucent blue plastic, with white and silver paint apps to give it detail. This is both ridiculously clever and very well done. The potato has a hatch in the butt, of course, allowing you to store (almost) all his gear inside. Yay versatility!

no body Spudsy comes in the same general packaging as Darth Tater and all other Mr. Potato Head toys, a nice little plastic cube showing off the namesake as well as featuring a handle for easy carrying. The cardboard inside shows off the Spudtrooper and his accessories, with a few ideas on how to assemble him.

Recognizing that the Spud Trooper wouldn't be nearly as wildly desirable as Darth Tater, Hasbro produced him in significantly smaller numbers. That means he'll be a pain to find - Darth is everywhere, but enlisting a Trooper of your own will require some searching.

The line doesn't end here, either. Up next is Artoo-Potatoo (though, really, RTuber-DTuber would have been a better name) with a Princess Tater hologram, and the first products Hasbro's announced from their Marvel license are superhero 'tato Headses. When the final product is this cool, it's no wonder that people are digging these potatoes.

What's next? Yam Solo? Emperor Palpatatotine? Potato-Wedge Antilles? Tell us on our message board, The Loafing Lounge.


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