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Thor: Love and Thunder
by yo go re

Look, it's Deadpool's movie-watching buddy!

After the opening of Infinity War, everyone was worried about what happened to all Thor's pals. We saw Loki and Heimdall get killed by Thanos' forces, but that left the fate of all the other new friends and acquaintances he'd made on Sakaar up in the air. So it was nice to see Korg (and Miek!) alive in Endgame (and to find out everybody else was in an escape ship being led to safety by Valkyrie, though that one was just revealed in interviews, not any official sources). Hooray for everybody's favorite living stone man!

Korg is the Build-A-Figure for Series 1 of the Thor Love and Thunder figures. Buy six of the seven toys in the line (Fancy Thor doesn't have any pieces, because reasons) and you'll get the pieces needed to assemble the BAF. The pieces just fit togethr easily - this isn't like the old ToyBiz BAFs, where the only way to de-build the figure was to physically break it.

Surprisingly, Korg's pieces are new. Sure, the bulk of the body makes sense, but was anybody expecting a new head? The existing one had little smile, while this one is serious. A lot of the rocks on the body seem to be in the same place on this figure, suggesting Hasbro turned to the same sculptor, who used their existing digital sculpt as a base.

While the last Korg was wearing his gladiator gear, this one has clearly been hanging out in New Asgaard for a while. He's got patched blue pants, studded leather bracers, fur skins tied around his lower legs, a thick leather belt with a golden ram's head emblem in the center, crossed straps over his chest, and more fur on the shoulders. Way to rock that viking cosplay, Korg! The color of his body on this toy is lighter and less blue than the other Korg figure, which seems accurate to the films.

You might not expect a rock to move very well, but Korg has articulation. He moves at the head, neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. The hips are designed in such a way that the legs don't want to be vertical - you can't actually get the feet together without constant pressure, so he'll be perpetually Kronan-Stone-Manspreading in your display. You just can't get those hips all the way in! He's got holes in the bottoms of his feet to accommodate a display stand, but they're weirdly off to the side instead of in the center of the foot, like you'd expect them to be.

Korg gets an accessory, the same gun/club he carried in Ragnarok and Endgame. He must really like that thing! It's the same sculpt as before, but gets different paint: the old one was gold at the bottom and silver at the top; this one is gold along the entire handle, with only the studded parts near the tip being a dark grey.

So now we've got Gladiator Korg and Asgaardian Korg, but when will we get the most important version, Casual Korg, wearing a headset and a Hawaiian shirt to play Fortnite?

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-- 05/13/22

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