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Mighty Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder
by yo go re

Mighty Thor? Then thithter, I thintherely thuggetht theeking out a maththeuthe to thoothe your theverely thenthitive muthclular thythtem.

Jane Foster's life is forever changed when she mysteriously comes to possess the hammer Mjolnir... and the power of the Mighty Thor!

Back in 2019, when it was announced Natalie Portman would be taking up the mantle of Thor in the new movie, there was a certain subset of "fans" (you know the ones) who hurried to call her a hypocrite, call her a gold-digger, call her all sorts of things because she'd previously said she was uninterested in returning to the role of Jane Foster. Like always, they were idiots. The reasons she gave for not wanting to be Jane again? Jane's stories weren't interesting and Marvel didn't respect its directors. So now there's an interesting story for her and a director who's allowed to be themselves, meaning her complaints have been addressed. Why wouldn't she be good to return now?

The movie costume does an outstanding job of adapting the comic costume: a black suit with silver armor on the chest and boots, a brown skirt piece, and a winged helmet that protects the wearer's face (since the point of the story in the books was initially that her identity was a "mystery," even though Jane is like literally the only woman Thor knows). The boots get armor on the shins and even separate kneepads, rather than just around the ankles, though they do still have little winglets on the sides. Instead of just being a plain silver shell, her bodice gets intricate Asgaardian designs sculpted in. The dark colors of the suit are contrasted really well by the vibrant red cape.

Thor includes an alternate head sans helmet, showing Jane's unmasked face. That means we get a Natalie Portman face-print, which manages to look more like her than Padme did. So let's check the scores: Benicio del Toro? Marvel team wins. Samuel L. Jackson? Star Wars team. Natalie Portman? Marvel team. Your move, SW; time to see if your Ahsoka can beat their Claire.

That cape does mess with the articulation a little, because that's what a plastic cape does. She's got all the typical ML joints, but pose her too wildly and the cape will look weird still hanging straight down behind her. She's armed with Mjolnir, which is sculpted with all the cracks from when Hela shattered it, but could really use some light blue paint to accentuate the look. Also, I don't know if this was done to try to emphasize how small Jane is, but the hammer has been sculpted larger than usual, so it looks slightly odd in her hand.

Thor includes a piece of this series' Korg Build-A-Figure: the left leg.

If you didn't get the 616 Mighty Thor, this is a great stand-in. The armor is a little different, but she's close enough that you could cheat her into your comic display with no problems. Well, no problems other than the giant hammer, but you could always trade it for a different Thor's if you wanted to.

-- 05/10/22

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