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Ravager Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder
by yo go re

Well, I guess Taika and Gunn saying that the "Asgaardians of the Galaxy" not being a thing was false, wasn't it? Just a big ol' misdirect.

Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker against a terrifying new foe.

First of all, we'd like to congratulate Thor on becoming the first Marvel character to successfully reach the number four. Iron Man? Three movies of generally equal quality. Captain America? Three movies of generally increasing quality. Thor? One so-so movie, one utterly meh movie, one shockingly fun reboot-ish movie, and now, for the first time, one fourth movie. Yes, there were four Avengerses, but those were team movies, not solo. And Civil War was just as much an Iron Man movie as it was a Captain America movie, but Cap's name was the one in the title. Thor wins! Strongest Avenger!

Since this Thor is a member of the Ravagers, he's not wearing his fancy armor or anything, just jeans, a tank top, and a vest. That's right, he's been Thunderstriked! His vest is Ravager red with black lapels, and there are some classic Thor-style strips of cloth wrapped around his boots. The pattern printed on his shirt is a stylistic representation of Yggdrasil, the World Tree; Thor's been repping his homeland the whole time! He's got a fancy T belt buckle to complete the ensemble.

The Chris Hemsworth likeness is as good as ever. The last Thor we got had lightning eyes, which doesn't do much to aid the sculpt in looking like a real human, but this one is back to normal. Looks better than the last Skinny Thor, too! He hasn't gone full Thunderstrike with his hair: there's a small ponytail, just to keep his hair out of his face, but not a long flowing one with all his hair pulled into it.

Since Thor sent the Mjolnir he stole from his own past self on a time journey with Steve Rogers, he's just got the axe Stormbreaker. Copying Thunderstrike's clothes is one thing, copying the Thunderstrike mace is entirely another. Who's got time to introduce a new weapon when there are more important things to worry about! This is a new mold: the previous MCU Stormbreakers had a rough texture on the sides of the blade, while this one is perfectly smooth. It's still got the Groot-handle, though, and with his articulation, Thor can hold it either one- or two-handed.

The Build-A-Figure for this line is Korg, and Thornderstike includes the left arm.

Adapting the Thunderstrike costume for the movies as Thor's "casual" look is a neat idea, and there are still enough Asgaardian touches in his Ravager uniform that there's no question where he's from.

-- 05/06/22

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