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Thor: Love and Thunder
by yo go re

Wait, this isn't a Thor!

Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy return, teaming up with friends new and old to defend the galaxy from a dangerous new enemy.

A dangerous new enemy? In space? Galactus confirmed!! When Thor hitched a ride off Earth on the Milano the Benatar, everybody figured that was a set-up for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, jokingly dubbed "Asgaardians of the Galaxy" - but three months later at Comic-Con, Kevin Feige stunned the world with the revelation of a second machine an unprecedented fourth Thor movie! Though there were denials that the Thor/GotG crossover would be a thing, the (unintentional) reveal of this toy put paid to that. Thor might not be in Guardians 3, but the Guardians are in Thor 4.

The last Star-Lord toys came out when Hasbro was just switching over to the Photo Real face painting, so it was still pretty rough. The paint has improved, but this still isn't a great likeness of Chris "Remember When People Used to Like Me?" Pratt. There's something off about the sculpt or the shape of the head or something. Maybe he just has a difficult face to capture, because they've certainly done better with others.

Petey's gone back to his long trenchcoat, rather than the shorter jacket he wore before. It's not the same sculpt as either of the existing ones, but it's still done in the Ravagers' usual rusty color. The pads on the forearms are molded onto the sleeves, but only the left shoulder pauldron is; the one on the right arm is a separate, free-floating piece. So's the sash around his chest. The rest of the body is the same as the GotG2 figure, though there's a new PVC vest covering up his T-shirt mold so he doesn't look at all the same. And since so many of the molds are being reused they could even afford to paint his boots this time!

Star-Lord doesn't include a masked head, or his Walkman, but he does still have his two guns, and they still plug onto the pegs molded on his hips. To get them on there, just flex the coat open a bit, the put the peg into the trigger guard. The coat will even help hold the guns in place if the fit isn't perfect.

He does include a piece of the series' Build-A-Figure: Korg's right arm.

Getting a Star-Lord in a Thor movie line is really unexpected, but I guess they needed to pad it out with something that wasn't spoilery. Well, too spoilery. They could have left him out entirely and kept up the ruse until the movie opened - you know, the way Kevin Feige was still saying Marvel Studios would like to work with Charlie Cox again "someday" just a week and a half before No Way Home opened. But since it's too early for the toyline to include Beta Ray Bill, Hercules, the Silver Surfer, or Superman, they needed something to show, and the Guardians got the nod.

-- 05/08/22

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