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Thor: Love and Thunder
by yo go re

Thor unleashes the power of Stormbreaker to overcome any foe!

"Overcome any foe"? The hero of the movie is going to eventually win out over the villain? Jesus, Marvel Legends, spoilers!

The MCU has gone through a lot of Thor's comic looks, from the Olivier Coipel in Thor 1, to the Ultimate Thor in Avengers 1, to Esad Ribic in Thor 3. Now Thor 4 is really going hard, giving us Thunderstrike, Mighty Thor, and even this suit, which is clearly based on the Walt Simonson armor with just a dash of his "King Thor" look sprinkled in. It's got gold on the arms and helmet, uses a lot of blue, has a gigantic red cape... it's not a direct lift from the page, like some of the suits have been, but the inspiration is clear. This is easily the most regal thing Thor has worn since his first movie. And considering he had to don that armor in the comics when he was too weak to fight normally, it really suggests how much of a threat Gorr is going to be.

The comics' enchanted armor was the first to cover Thor's eyes, something this interpretation copies. It doesn't have feathered wings on the side, opting instead of flared shapes that merely suggest wings. Those blend straight out of the faceguard, and also sweep down to cover his cheeks. Is Gorr going to poison Thor so he can no longer heal from injuries? Maybe! We don't get an unmasked head, but his hair does billow out behind him pretty epically.

Balljointed head, hinged neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel/hinged wrists, a balljointed chest, balljoint hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, and swivel/hinge ankles; that's the usual style of Marvel Legends articulation, and that's what Thor has. The hinged neck is a little outdated, since they love their barbell necks so much now, and since the hair doesn't really let the head move around that much anyway. Like usual, the giant cape will look weird in most poses if you move the chest joint too far out of place.

The figure includes the same Stormbreaker Ravager Thor carried. We couldn't have gotten a "summoning Bifrost" paint scheme on it or something? Also, why does it look so much smaller in his hand than it does in the art on the back of the box? Like the ideological opposite of Mighty Thor's Mjolnir. If you really need Fancy Armor Thor to punch, there's also an alternate fist. To bother including that, a scene where he doesn't have any weapons but still needs to hit something have better be really important.

There's no BAF Korg piece, for whatever reason. It's not like this Thor is particularly more intricate or even reusable than any of the other new sculpts in the line; plus, Sculptor Dennis Chan revealed that the arms, face, and Stormbreaker are all reused sculpts already, so just the body and legs are new. Of course, the odds of us seeing an unhelmeted version of this turn up in a two-pack are pretty good, so when that happens we may be thanking Hasbro for not making anyone buy this one.

-- 05/12/22

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