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Mr. Knight (Steven Grant)

Moon Knight
by yo go re

He and Arcade must use the same tailor.

An expert on ancient Egypt, Steven Grant is thrust into action as Khonshu's avatar, Mr. Knight, relying on his keen mind to enact his master's will.

The Moon Knight series was not afraid to make changes. Beyond Moon Knight himself being explicitly supernatural, there was the division of superheroic identies among his various dissociative identities, and even the identities themselves: 616 Steven Grant (the in-unverse comicbook character, not the real-world comicbook writer) was basically Moon Knight's Bruce Wayne or Lamont Cranston, a multimillionaire gadabout whose money was used to fund the nightly crimefighting; MCU Steven Grant is a sad-sack gift shop employee and British. Similarly, the "Mr. Knight" identity was just one Moon Knight used while consulting with the police, because it's one thing for the cops to cooperate with a known vigilante, another for them to work with an anonymous citizen.

Mr. Knight was introduced in the 2014 Warren Ellis run, with the design done by Declan Shavely. It's unclear whether he's really just a different set of clothes, or a new personality entirely. The idea that he'd be the empowered version of the Steven Grant identity (from misunderstanding the instruction to "summon the suit") is fully a creation of the TV series.

Costume designer Meghan Kasperlik had a real challenge when it came to making this costume - namely, how do you make an all-white suit that doesn't blow out under studio lighting, leaving just a glowing white ghost bouncing across the screen? The answer was to make sure it had a texture (like upholstery fabric) and to throw a little bit of silver lamé on top. The lapels on his coat have a stylized wing pattern, and the buttons on his vest feature the symbol of Khonshu even at this small size. He's wearing sneakers, with bandage-like straps over the top, though those do seem a a little oversized for the body.

Mr. Knight's vest/jacket and tie are new, though the chest and arms beneath are from the original suit body. What's surprising is that, although the figure has swivels at the bottom of the pantlegs, these aren't the usual ones; we've got a fourth set of legs now! Maybe this will mean we never have to see those crappy pigeon-toed molds ever again? Here's hoping. The rest of the joints are standard, though having jacket and vest molded as one means the chest hinge doesn't want to bend. The only way to avoid that would have been to mold the vest as part of the chest, which wouldn't be economical.

Rather than being one solid color, Mr. Knight's shoes, gloves, and shirt are together a slightly different shade of white than the rest of the suit is. It's not easy to notice, but it's true. You get your choice of fists or hands open wide enough to hold his two truncheons. (Though my figure was accidentally packed with a second left fist instead of the open hand, so for now he's limited in how well he can fight until I can find a replacement). The alternate hands have the hinge running side-to-side instead of up and down.

The figure includes the Build-A-Figure Infinity Ultron's right arm.

The Marvel Legends suit body was first used on Phil Coulson, and in that review, we included "modern Moon Knight" as one of the characters who could conceivably use the molds one day. It's taken seven years (and an MCU appearance) for us to be proven right, but it has happened. There's no real point in releasing a 616 version now, because this is a perfect representation of both the comic and live-action takes on the character.

-- 01/10/23

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