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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
by yo go re

Sing it, Bender!

Attorney Jennifer Walters' life is forever changed when she suddenly gains Hulk-like powers after an accident exposes her to the blood of her cousin, Bruce Banner.

All the Marvel Disney+ shows released in 2022 were great in their own ways, but She-Hulk was the most comic-accurate. Same origin, same powers, same personality, same fun storytelling... it's not easy to do the character justice, but they absolutely found a way in just nine episodes. Of course, the first half of the two-word title meant there were those who couldn't appreciate it, but they don't matter. Neither do their opinions. (Here's a handy cheat sheet: if a property calls out people acting like assholes in general, and you think it's personally aimed at you, maybe spend less time getting mad at it and more time thinking about what that ultimately says.)

She-Hulk was played by Tatiana Maslany, who was not at the top of anyone's fan-casting list, but then, fan-casts are generally unimaginative and terrible, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised. She definitely looks like she could be Mark Ruffalo's cousin, even through the digital distortion of turning her huge and green. The figure has a serious look, not the big smile you'd expect.

According to the effects artists who worked on the show, Disney wanted She-Hulk to be smaller and thinner, because apparently understanding the point of a character is hard? The toy stands just over 7" tall (thanks to her hair), and is muscular, but not massive. Her super suit is sculpted with a texture all over, and her skin is of course smooth. The hair is detailed nicely; it's not as curly as Maslany's is (and thus not as curly as Jen Walters'), but at least some effort was made. Her suit has little shorts, rather than a swimsuit cut, and she wears white sneakers.

The suit is black, purple, and white - her traditional colors - and contrasts really nicely with her pale green skin. Her hair is dark green, with lighter highlights for contrast.

She-Hulk moves at the ankles, knees, thighs, hips, chest, wrists, elbows, biceps, shoulders, and head. The head doesn't move much, because of the hair, but the rest is fine. She doesn't include any accessories, just an alternate pair of flat hands. Presumably those are meant to represent the Hulk family's shared "thunderclap" dealie, but A) who claps with their fingers spread apart, and 2) the figure's shoulders aren't designed to let her hands come together in front of her like that anyway, so it's just a weird choice all over. There had to be something better to be done.

This series has a Build-A-Figure - Infinity Ultron - and She-Hulk gets the left leg.

She-Hulk is another one for the ranks of Marvel Legends that will make perfect stand-ins for the comic character if you're not interested in the MCU. But we have to ask why she got a toy before the most important character in the show, Madisynn?

-- 01/06/23

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