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Stonefist, Gorgon Hunter

Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.
by yo go re

Stone pimp, stone freak, stoned out of my mind. I once was lost, but now I'm just blind.

Stonefist's half-cursed state is an anomaly. While in the midst of being turned to stone, he blinded himself in hopes that it would put a halt to the curse. It worked, sort of. One of his arms turned to enchanted unbreakable stone and his senses were all increased to god-like levels. He could use his hearing to echo-locate movement, heartbeats, and obstacles. He could feel vibrations on the ground and smell his prey. Though blind, he could essentially "see" better than any human. Because he could no longer see the Gorgons, he was immune to their cursed stare. Stonefist's only mission was to slay the gorgons, especially the three sisters. He hoped to lift the curse and free all of their stone victims.

The Temporal Log then goes on to say that he continues to hunt Medusa, even attempting to track down her severed head. So this one character is sort of a cross between Daredevil and Toph Beifong, with a touch of the relationship between Macbeth and Desdemona from Gargoyles. What a cool concept!

The majority of this figure is the same as the Athenian Warrior - well, to be entirely accurate, the majority of this figure is the same as every other V-HACKS male (because they all use the same body), but in this case we specifically mean the armor. Not only is it the same mold, with the shoulder plates, the meander, and the layered skirts, but the colors are nearly identical as well: white and red with black stars on the shoulders. The difference is that the sections on the side and his lowest skirt are both blue, rather than gold and gray (respectively).

And then there's his stone fist. It's kind of weird that he'd start petrifying at the hand, isn't it? Since it's based on vision, shouldn't the effect work from the eyes outward? Yes, the character is cool, and the idea behind him is awesome, but the execution is just a little weird. It does look great though, with the grey fading back to pink halfway up the bicep.

Stonefist, Gorgon Hunter, gets the regular bald head, same as the Athenian Warrior did, though his of course shows the evidence of his fight with Medusa. His eyes are stony grey, and there are big pink scars painted across his face. It would have been nice if he could have gotten a new sculpt, one with real scars molded on, but as it is the paint works just fine.

Reused body means reused articulation, so it's a good thing it's good. Stonefist, Gorgon Hunter, has a balljointed head and neck; swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows and wrists; a balljointed torso (limited realistically by the chest armor); balljointed hips; double-hinge knees; and swivel/hinge ankles. The set's accessories include an extra pair of hands with the hinge joint running the other direction, and a display base to help the figure stand in extreme poses. If you really want to show off his articulation, every bit of the armor is removable, leaving you with a nearly nude Greek in tiny blue underwear.

Since he's a warrior out on the prowl, Stonefist, Gorgon Hunter, comes with a bevy of weapons. They're all ones we've seen with other figures, but who cares about that? He has three different swords, a strap and scabbard, a spear, and a large shield. The shield has the same gorgoneia design as the Athenian Warrior's, but the eyes have been scratched out, letting you know to whom it belongs! Not only that, but since his stone left arm is indestructible, he doesn't really need a shield to protect it, right? Right! Or rather, left! He's the first decidedly lefthanded Vitruvian HACK, because his shield has been tampographed in such a way that it's clearly meant to be held on his right arm, leaving his left hand free to hold weapons. Very cool! He also includes an Athenian helmet that has the gorgoneion teeth painted on the cheek flaps.

Stonefist, Gorgon Hunter, is an interesting concept for a character, and a slightly "off" way of realizing that concept doesn't really drag him down. Actually, with the scarred eyes, the special arm and the total arsenal of weapons he carries around, this guy is like an Ancient Grecian version of Cable.

-- 01/13/17

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