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Legendary Yellow Lion

Voltron: Legendary Defender
by yo go re

Don't you hate sand?

The Yellow Lion is the toughest and strongest lion, with powerful armor and claw attacks!

The Yellow Lion is piloted by the team's most trusted mechanic, Hunk. This lion is fortified with superior armor and battlements. It is the strongest and most blast-resistant of all the lions. Although this Lion seems like a gentle giant, when duty calls it will always rise to the occasion and do whatever it takes to protect its team.

Hunk really bonded with his Lion pretty quickly: when the team was first learning their way around the lions, he said he wanted to be the head, rather than a leg; when he was given the chance, he explained that what he actually wanted was for the Yellow Lion to form the head, because he really liked Yellow; when it was pointed out Voltron didn't work that way, Hunk instantly picked his lion over a new position in the team.

As one of Voltron's leg-bots, the Yellow Lion is the same size as Bluey; in fact, it looks like the same model wearing different armor. The exposed areas of the body - the tail, the waist, the legs and neck - are the same between the two, but Yellow's protective surfaces are larger, thicker, and have harsher angles instead of curving lines. You can tell just by looking that this kitty is a brute.

Even the head looks the same! The white snout is squared-off and angular, and a bar of armor runs back from the black nose. There are still silver pieces sticking up to represent ears, but the thick armor on the cheeks conceals how they attach. Yellow has a pronounced underbite, with four chunky fangs sticking up over the upper lip. Then the armor on the chin is even larger, with a gap in the very center - a heroic cleft!

The Yellow Lion moves at the paws, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and whatever you want to call that extra joint in an animal's hind leg. Yes, I know it's technically the ankle, and that what we think of as an ankle is technically the toe joints, but if the review says the Lion has toe joints, you're going to think its claws can wiggle or something, and we can't have that. Like the other Lions, the jaw opens, but is spring-loaded to snap back shut. Unlike the other Lions, there's enough friction thanks to Yellow's facial armor that the jaw can stay open a little bit, allowing you to appreciate the ladder and cannon within.

A panel on the chest can be pulled open to reveal the Yellow Lion's speeder. Basically a built-in hover bike that gives the pilots the ability to go places Lions would be too big, the speeders all have unique designs. This one, for example, has two big rings sticking horizontally off the sides, like the blades of some futuristic helicopter. The promotional shots show a lot more paint apps than the final thing gets, but this is still something that could have been skipped without anyone noticing.

Each of the Paladins of Voltron, as the pilots are known, are armed with a weapon called a "bayard," which is named after a mythological French horse. Sure. Anyway, when they plug their bayard into their Lion, it gets new weapons. Technically, the Yellow Lion gets new armor, but the toy turns it into a weapon: a launcher that fires translucent blue discs. The giant red lever that makes that possible is blatant and obtrusive, but so it goes. It's still fun to fling discs at things.

The Voltron Lions choose their own pilots, and Yellow's pilot is one who puts the needs of others above his own. His heart must be mighty. As the leg of Voltron, he will lift the team up and hold them together. The combinable Yellow Lion toy is a massive 8" long even before you count the tail, so you know the final Voltron is going to be huge.

-- 08/28/18

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