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Marvel Legends
by yo go re

Some fans say Build-A-Figures should be reserved for characters who are bigger than usual. Me, all I care about is that it's a character we don't get otherwise.

A regular trip to the mall led to some unexpected fireworks for the X-Men, who discovered this mutant orphan under attack! After she was rescued, Jubilee followed the team through a portal and back to their remote Outback base, where she lived undetected. A daring rescue of Wolverine made her a hero and earned her a place among the X-Men. Her determination to survive at all costs has served her well in battle, where her explosive plasma blasts have proven as destructive as they are dazzling.

That's the bio from the back of the Marvel Universe Jubilee figure since, being a Build-A-Figure, this one doesn't have any information of her own. They've also stopped including the "Tales of (whomever)" inserts, which is kind of a shame; she's been around since 1989, so she's done a lot more than just live in a mall and run away to Australia.

This X-Themed Marvel Legends series comprises five figures, but only four of them have BAF pieces - yes, four. And despite that, the breakdown of the pieces is ridiculous: head and energy effects, arm, arm, and the entire rest of the body. Seriously, who designs a BAF and includes 90% of the final figure in one chunk? It's daft, is what it is!

The head is classic Jubilee - she has the messy, short black hair, and her metallic pink sunglasses are pushed up onto her forehead. She's lacking the big round earrings with her name across the center, but maybe she just outgrew them as she matured. One of her eyes is painted a bit wonky, but it's not like there's a lot chance to compare samples.

Jubilee is wearing her trademark yellow trenchcoat, which is a new sculpt, and also means that she gets new arms. That's also where the traditional look ends, because instead of wearing the T-shirt and shorts that were intended to make her look like Robin, she's got a plain black bodysuit. A pretty big departure from her normal look, but it is how she's dressing in the comics now that she's a vampire.

Yes, a vampire - we told you she'd done more than hide in the mall! She lost her powers during M-Day (because she was important enough that no one forgot she was a mutant, but minor enough that no one would care), and after briefly trying to replicate them artificially, gave up and went to live a normal life. And then she got turned into a vampire. That's why she dresses in black.

The body is the same one Spider-Girl had, but with a different chest: instead of being skin tight, her top is wrinkled and has a sculpted ring at the neck, suggesting a zipper pull. Yes, there's also a zipper, but it's merely painted. She has no other costume details - no boots, no belt, no nothing other than a solid black bodysuit. Even the hands are the same that Spider-Girl had: one splayed, one balled into a fist.

Her articulation is very nice. She moves at the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, thighs, knees, shins, and ankles, and even though some of the joints were tough to get moving at first, once she was fully assembled, everything was working fine. As also comes with accessories: two pinkish-purple energy effects that fit onto her hands. They look more like Iron Fist's flames than her fireworks, but then again, as of vampire-o'clock, she doesn't have fireworks any more. Maybe this is how she turns into smoke or something.

This isn't Jubilee's most iconic look, but the yellow coat goes a long way to making her look right. This figure was first seen in the same SDCC Concept Case as Agent Venom, so it's been a long wait to get her. Sprocket even asked Hasbro at this year's Toy Fair presentation if she was still on the slate, and now here she is. The "T-shirt and shorts" look would have been preferable, but surely an enterprising customizer wouldn't have any trouble with that. The important thing is we've got our first 6" scale Jubilee.

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-- 10/06/14

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