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Omega Sentinel

X-Men Legends
by yo go re

Wow, Richie Rich's maid is pissed!

Harnessing the power of enhanced sensors, flight, and nanite regeneration, Omega Sentinel dispatches enemies with ease.

Karima Shapandar was a police detective in Calcutta before she was injected with nano-Sentinels by Bastion. Over time, the machines replaced her existing systems and organs, and the Sentinel programming began to take over. Working together, Professor X and Magneto restored her mind, and she became one of the X-Men's closest allies, even earning a place on the team. But when the mutants declared Krakoa to be their sovereign homeland, humans were not invited, leaving Karima with no one to turn to for help when the nanobots flared up again. So she was taken over, and now resents the X-Men on both a personal and professional level.

Though the packaging refers to this as "House of X" Omega Sentinel, we feel confident saying she's emphatically not. How can we tell? Because this one's skin is a deep orange-red, rather than usual skin color. In the (present day) House of X issues, she's still fairly human; it's not until the (100 years in the future) Powers of X that she's red like this.

Every piece of her sculpt is new. She's basically still wearing the outfit she wore as a member of the X-Men: a white bodysuit with thick black lines and red panels (a different shade than her skin) on the sides. The black lines on this toy are sculpted elements, not simply paint. Didn't see that coming! It makes sense the white panels on her scalp are raised, since heads are generally new, and unless Hasbro's planning to make a Moondragon, they don't need a repaintable bald female head. There are two mechanical ports on her abdomen, and her arms are robotic. The colors are really striking, and make for a terrific toy!

As you might expect from a robot-lady, she can convert her hands into different kinds of weapons. Her arms, actually: the entire forearm pulls out at the elbow, and can be swapped for big guns. The ones included here seem to be based on the cover of X-Men: Legacy #243, rather than specifically any of the ones she pulls up in the new stories, but they blend with the figure well and get the idea across. Either weapon will fit into either arm, but the right arm is a big cylinder, and the left arm has a rounded ball behind its barrel, and a little "thumb" poking off one side.

She's also got an alternate second head that's also not based on House of X. This one, with its hair pulled into ponytails and a silver mask covering the face, is taken directly from a piece of art Chris Bachalo did during the House of M crossover. In that reality, Karima was the leader of Magneto's Sentinels, and though her body looked nothing like this one, this is clearly the head she had. Being based on a specific drawing does make any flaws fairly clear, however. The fact that her name is "Karima Shapandar" should probably clue you in that she's got a specific ethnicity, yeah? So why, instead of having dark skin and black hair like the art, does this toy have pink skin and light brown hair? She's not a white girl, Hasbro, why are you trying to make her one?

Despite all the new pieces with this figure, she gets the largest part of the Tri-Sentinel Build-A-Figure: the torso.

Since all the mutants are one the same side now, HoX/PoX has had to create new foes for them to fight - humans, mostly, using the resources at their disposal to arm themselves for battle. And it sucks that Omega Sentinel has had to be turned into a villain after working so hard to be a hero, but it does mean she gets to be the only baddie in this series, and she probably never would have received a toy without this change.

-- 05/29/21

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